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Right of Reply: Macaulay Prince Ochuko Bright Ovwata, declared wanted for crimes against the State and cult related activities

Mr Macaulay Prince Ochuko Bright Ovwata,

Mr Macaulay Prince Ochuko Bright Ovwata, was a leader and member of Eiye supreme confraternity, a deadly secret cult group operational in Nigeria streets and institutions of higher learning.

He was declared wanted by Nigeria government in June 2003 after the presidential elections for his alleged involvement in various crimes: cult related activities, sponsoring and funding (IPOB), a terrorist group in Nigeria etc.

Mr Macaulay Prince Ochuko Bright Ovwata granted interview to one of our Correspondents on December 2, 2018 in reaction to previous media reports indicting him for involvement in alleged crimes.

Mr Macaulay Prince Ochuko Bright Ovwata who is now a repentant member of the supreme Eiye confraternity, a deadly secret cult group operational in Nigeria streets and institutions of higher learning is now a musical activist and pastor narrated his experience as a cultist, the cost and price paid for belonging to a secret cult group and disclaimed all allegations against him by the Nigeria police as reported by the media and gave reason why he fled Nigeria to Italy.

Born on November 14, 1976, Mr Macaulay Prince Ochuko Bright Ovwata hails from Urhobo town of Ughelli in Delta State. He was a student of the famous Delta State University. Membership of the Eiye confraternity, like any other campus cult group, was facilitated by various factors including peer group influence; crave for protection in the harsh university community especially for freshmen among others.

In the case of Macaulay Prince Ochuko Bright Ovwata, nearly all factors contributed to his joining the Eiye confraternity in his first year in the university but would regret that decision later.

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Now a pastor, he feels safe in far away Italy from the revenge claws of members of the Eiye confraternity and the politicians using the police against him after he has recorded loss of family members and his second in command who were hacked down by the cultists in retaliation of his earlier action as leader of the cult in 2003.

A summary of his narrative made available to reads thus:
“I am not a terrorist neither do I sponsor any group belonging to terrorist. It’s true I am a member of IPOB in Europe. In 2014 I joined IPOB in Europe to enable me get a country that will protect me and which I can call my own, but spies were tracing me everywhere I went, so I thought of changing my current place because I have children and I don’t want to die. That was after the Nigeria Police declared me wanted and my deadly cult members were out to kill me in 2003.

“I joined the cult because of what I suffered back then in secondary school; violence, oppression and intimidation coupled with my health challenges as a diabetic patient, I had no clear understanding of the activities of cult group hence I was misled. But when I was 24years old and as a leader of the cult group, I was linked to top politicians and many groups like Niger Delta Vigilantes (NGV). Niger Delta People Volunteer Force (NDVF) led by Ateke Tom and Asari Dokunbo and some other deadly groups in Delta State that were involved in kidnapping, intimidation, elections rigging and self acclaimed freedom fighters like MEND and NDLF which unleashed mayhem on the people of the region.

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“That was where my problems started from. Yes I emerged as the ground leader of one of the deadliest confraternity, Eiye supreme confraternity in Delta State University (DELSU) which I never knew their strategies of operations not until I emerged the head. But my refusal to work with their barbaric traditions, working for politicians, MEND, NDA, stealing and killing etc led to the killing of my sick father and the burning down of our house. I managed to escape to Benin my mother home town, I was also traced there but my younger brother, Jeffrey Ovwata Macaulay was killed in an attack by the cultists.

“At this time the police was searching for me everywhere to arrest me because of the allegations leveled against me by our top politicians. On the 1st of August, 2003, I fled to Niger republic and stayed there for four years, I returned in 2007 but relocated to Maiduguri in Borno State and while in Maiduguri some people that I told my story tried to lure me to join Boko Haram, I was really afraid that I might be killed or they might call the police for me, I agreed to join Boko Haram but I pleaded with them to allow me go to see my mother.

“In June 2009 following late President Umaru Musa Yardua amnesty program for Niger Deltans, I renounced my membership of Eiye confraternity while waiting patiently to get amnesty and police report. As I was waiting for police report my effort was thwarted by my former cult members and the Nigeria police who in retaliation for old times, tried to assassinate me in Ughelli.

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“The whole thing now is worse because they are now involved in an all out confraternity war, the Eiye, Black Axe, Buccaneer, Manfight etc they are killing themselves everyday and the police is not doing anything about the situation and you can confirm that from the social media . And any past and present leaders who they call big meat are their target; this led to my final departure to Europe (Italy) through Libya and Tunis.

“I regret joining cult because going back to Nigeria is not a place for me now, I am running from my ex–cult members and rival cultists and the police. As a repentant ex-cultist I am now a musical activist and pastor. I have written and composed a couple of songs in campaign for welfare of humanity and against violent groups like Boko Haram and bad corrupt governments.

“I have been moving all around and finally decided to run away from Italy to unknown destination where I feel I could be safer, since my present location in Italy has been compromised. I don’t want to be a victim of untimely death occasioned by bad leaders, ex– cult members or ill health.

“I will go to restart my life all over again somewhere in Europe and I have fully given my life to God and left all my past behind. And I have other physical challenges and abuse from people because of the nature of my person, which I don’t want to review or talk about here during this course of interview. Let’s leave that as a secret till another time.”

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