About Us

ADVOCATE is a Regional Newspaper with a National outlook. Established on March 3rd, 2014, it prides itself as the Authentic Mouthpiece of the Economically Deprived and Ecologically Degraded Niger Deltans. (www.advocateng.com, now www.advocate.ng)

We shall speak ‘Truth to Power’, through our news report and editorials by holding government at all levels and International Oil Companies operating in the Niger Delta accountable to the people, by ensuring that there is socioeconomic justice for Niger Deltans.

We shall through our Editorial, News Reportage, News Analysis, Opinions and Special Features change the Niger Delta narrative and bring to the fore; Economic Exploitation and Ecologically Degradation of the Niger Delta Ecosystem.

Advocate Newspaper Editorial Policy:

Advocate as a Regional newspaper shall be a newspaper of class with focus on politics, Arts and Culture, Entrepreneurship (small business), Ecotourism and Oil and Gas politics. We shall not only provide citizens the platform to voice their Concern, Fears and Aspirations through robust civic engagement, but may set aside its objective news-gathering role (if need be), to join its readers in a dialogue about important issues of the day–to exhort, explain, deplore, mourn, applaud or champion, as the case may be, as long as, we consider any issue in our judgment to be of Public Interest.

Intellectual honesty is the hallmark of our editorial policy. We shall strive to be sincere, coherent, consistent and objective, and, (if need be), to have a sense of humour and a hint of mischief; and a sense of humility too, in recognizing when we are wrong and when our positions shift in light of new facts, developments or information.
In our news stories, features, and editorials, we shall strive to reflect the sociocultural and political dynamism of the Niger Delta region, with particular emphasis on the old Bendel State. The region’s iconic status, as the breadwinner and the breadwinner of our lopsided country shall be brought to global map. Greater attention shall be paid to its entrepreneurial spirit and its extraordinary cultural diversity, as its distinguishing strengths.

Advocate editorial judgment shall be without regard to partisanship, or influenced by an individual or political organization. We shall be fair to all manners of people, providing an open access for people to ventilate their opinion without Fear or Favour, in this regard, the concept of Development and community Journalism shall be our Theoretical Framework.

Our Core Value:

Freedom is a prized gift from God, this is our core value. We feel a special obligation to defend civil liberties and human rights. Because newspapers and other news media, enjoy and rely on a provision of the Nigeria Constitution and the Freedom of Information Act that guarantee the freedom of the press, therefore, we shall assume this obligation on behalf of our defenseless citizens to defend the rights.