NOA to Use Sports as Tool for Shaping Nigeria’s Value Charter: DG Issa-Onilu

The National Orientation Agency (NOA) has announced its plan to utilize sports as a tool for shaping Nigeria’s value charter and defining the true Nigerian identity.

In a recent meeting with members of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) in Kwara State, NOA Director General, Mal. Lanre Issa-Onilu, emphasized the importance of sports in uniting Nigerians and promoting the country’s unique attributes.

Issa-Onilu highlighted the need for Nigeria to establish a national value charter that codifies what it means to be a Nigerian.

He pointed out that sports, as one of the seven items on NOA’s agenda, is a low-hanging fruit that can be exploited to achieve this goal.

According to the NOA boss, sports can help create a unique Nigerian identity and foster unity among citizens.

The agency is closely collaborating with the Minister of Sports, Senator John Enoh, to change the sports culture in Nigeria and transform it into a business that not only enhances the Nigerian brand but also generates revenue.

This plan, which has the backing of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, aims to make sports a significant contributor to Nigeria’s economy and the West African region.

Issa-Onilu assured SWAN that sports writers in Kwara State and across the country would be incorporated into the federal government’s plan to exploit sports for the benefit of the nation.

He emphasized that President Tinubu shares his passion for using sports as a tool for national development and unity.

In response, SWAN Chairman Ismail Ayodeji pledged the support of sports writers in Kwara State in helping NOA achieve its agenda.

He expressed the association’s readiness to work with the agency in promoting sports as a means of fostering national unity and shaping Nigeria’s value charter.

The NOA’s plan to use sports as a tool for shaping Nigeria’s value charter and promoting national unity is a promising initiative that could have far-reaching impacts on the country’s social, cultural, and economic development.

With the support of President Tinubu and collaboration with stakeholders like SWAN, this initiative has the potential to transform the sports landscape in Nigeria and create a stronger sense of national identity among its citizens.

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