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WWE SummerSlam: Brock Lesnar destroys John Cena

Brock Lesnar made his shock return to WWE last night at SummerSlam to confront Roman Reigns after he had just retained his title against John Cena.

However, after the TV cameras turned off, The Beast Incarnate quickly turned his attention to the downed and defeated Cena.

Plenty of people have been posting their fan footage of the night, with the off-air action getting a lot of interest.

In the clips that show what happened once the TV cameras turned off, Lesnar grabbed Cena from behind and then suplexed he to the canvas… something The Leader of the Cenation has become used to over the years. After all, he was the first guest at Suplex City.

The audience reaction was in shock and amazement as Lesnar let out a warrior’s cry as Cena scrambled himself up from the canvas. As soon as he did, Lesnar suplexed him once again, showing he was not messing around.

The Beast Incarnate, donning his new ponytail, was clearly in the mood to dish out more pain, however, as this time he had Cena on his shoulders before delivering a brutal F-5 to his long-time foe.

Unsurprisingly with the WWE Universe, there was a rather mixed response to the action, with some enjoying the moment while others were critical on some of the aspects of the action.

“If they keep letting Cena get thrown around like a ragdoll, he’ll lose his aura, and beating him won’t mean anything anymore. That ‘his legacy is secure so let’s make him lose all the time’ mindset needs to go.”

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“I can’t believe. But I will always to trust him @JohnCena to believe him, to love him. But I will never to wish bad for anyone. But I, I, I can be a loser here, here. But I won’t to allow that! The JUSTICE comes and does not delay.”

“My body is still shaking. Yesterday because of Punk. Today because of Becky and Brock.”

“Cena returns to the most cheers he’s had in years and you have him lose to Toman then get thrown around by Brock.”

It seems that the return of Lesnar will be full of controversy and action, which is something that all wrestling fans can get behind.

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