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Cleric blames decadence on  ‘unholy romance of clergies with politicians’

President and Founder, Heroes Palace International, Apostle George Odoko, has blamed the nation’s challenges and under-development on the unhealthy alliance between the political class and pastors.

Odoko, asserted on Sunday as he rededicated the Lion of Judah Fire Deliverance Ministry, Azikoro in Bayelsa, to God.

The cleric took a swipe at Pastors who “abandoned their altars “to be errand boys for politicians and those in power”.

He said that it was regrettable that instead of speaking the truth many clergymen were busy and occupied with “eating crumbs from the “politicians’ table”.

He attributed poor governance to the inability of many Pastors to tell leaders the truth because they had compromised and were on their payroll.

Apostle George Odoko,

The cleric added that instead of the leaders listening to the priests, the priests were taking orders from politicians.

He said the development was an aberration that had rubbed off on the society as the sacrifice of truth on the altar of materialism had become a norm.

Performing the dedication, Odoko said that the dedication ceremony was a solemn event in Christendom most especially as it concerned the Church of God.

He noted that the dedication of the church would usher in mighty miracles, signs, wonders and testimonies, advising the congregation to always seek God’s direction before carrying out anything in life.

Speaking at the event, Apostle Ernest God gift, General Overseer of Lion of Judah Fire Deliverance Ministry, noted that the rededication of the ministry would remain a memorable, long-awaited, day that had come.

He noted that the ministry that was founded in 2016 has grown in leaps and bounds with about 3,000 members, saying that members were blessed with so many uncountable miracles and testimonies. (NAN)

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