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Army rescues suspected robbers from being burnt alive in Ughelli

By Oghenekaro Gabriel

But for the timely intervention of men of the Nigerian army and good-spirited individuals, two suspected armed robbers would have been burnt alive by an angry mob in Ughelli, Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State.

This is coming few days after two separate incidents, Sunday and Tuesday, saw two robbery suspects burnt alive within Ughelli Metropolis.

The suspects it was learned, had on Wednesday, 30th June succeeded in robbing a family at their residence in DSC, Warri, snatching their Toyota Camry (spider), phones, cash, and other valuables.

It was also gathered that the two suspects were arrested at Sergeant Quarter area in Ughelli by residents after they tried to escape the men of the Nigerian army who have tracked the vehicle from Warri to a mechanic workshop in Evueta Street.

It was gathered that their victim, a former soldier, and his wife currently serving in the Nigerian army, were able to outsmart the robbers, who according to them may not just be robbers but assassins, and immediately contacted army officers in Warri.

According to the victim who pleaded anonymity, “they came to our house yesterday at about 4:30 pm in the evening, three of them, with AK47 riffle and pump-action gun, and bellhop us, but because of my military experience, because I was in the army and my wife too, she is currently in the army, we were able to escape them and ran away.

“We have to escape because of the way they came to us, we don’t really know if they just came to rob or were sent assassins to kill us. After we ran, they took the car, phone, and whatever valuable they could carry and drove away. We then contacted some soldiers under the Warri Sector. Meanwhile, I installed a car tracker in the car which was in this my phone that I escaped with.

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“We started tracking the car and discovered that it has been parked somewhere in Ughelli. The army first sent a spy to the place, a mechanic workshop, when he got there, he pretended that he wanted to repair his vehicle, and from there he alerted the army team that the boys were there. When the team got there, immediately the three of them sighted the military vehicle, they fled through different routes. It was then that the people were alerted that they were robbers and began to chase them. It was the army that called me that they have caught them.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness told that the two suspects were caught at different streets in Sargent Quarter. He said one was caught at Idiagbon Street while the other was caught at Evueta Street.

The eyewitness revealed that “We chased this one (the one at Idiagbon street) and he was running, jumping from one rooftop to another. It was while he was trying to jump, that event center that the barbwire injured his hand.

One Hausa boy was able to chase him through the roofs and hit him hard with a shovel. When they caught him, they wanted to burn him but some men in the area stopped the boys before the army now came and guarded him.

“It was while we were here that we heard that the other one had been caught in Evueta Street. The army had to guard him till the police arrived, they now handed over to the police who took them away.”

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