The judgment delivered at the Federal High Court Asaba on 18th March 2019 in suit number FA/ASA/CS/76/2018 was a firm and further testament that the Judiciary is and continues to be the last hope of the common man. Anyone who was in court (as I was) and listened attentively to the judgment being delivered would no doubt agree that justice was clearly served.

Arising from the said judgment, I have seen commentaries from many people. A few persons have sadly continued to live in denial and asking their co-travelllers to ignore a clear and valid judgment of a competent court. One can only pity such persons as they are either irredeemably ignorant or insanely mischievous. Some of the individuals have continued to refer to a purported consent judgment of FHC Abuja but have refused to further advise their diminishing readers and listeners that Olorogun Cyril Ogodo was not a party in that suit and clearly could not have “consented” to whatever outcome that arose from that suit wherein in fact non-juristic persons were also listed as parties!

Recall that when this FHC Asaba matter started, some persons simply decided to wave off the suit as an exercise in futility and continued with their reckless impunity and in their regrettable folly or arrogance, vehemently refused to see the need to work with other stakeholders. Then elections that followed?  Monumentally shambolic and a nightmare! Of course, some persons either out of clear anger at the disregard for equity or as a result of greed and in furtherance of stomach infrastructure, equally aided the sad outcomes. So sad for a party that had earlier shocked the PDP government in our state at the last local council elections! The admission of some individuals as members of our great party became a clog in the wheel of progress. Some of us however remained resolute in our belief in justice. We now have justice! Our great party in Delta State under the Chairmanship of Olorogun Cyril Ogodo is now poised to clean up the mess left behind.

As a family, every true member of our great party should now come together with a view to working for a brighter future for the party. The just-concluded Presidential election is a clear testimony of Nigerians that are unwilling to go back to the dark days even as the recent judgment of the Federal High Court Asaba is a clear indicator that internal democracy, respect for due process and rule of law are indispensable ingredients of healthy party politics. Now that the court has cleared the doubt over leadership of the party in our State, we need to demonstrate our loyalty to and faith in the party by giving our able Chairman, Olorogun Cyril Ogodo, unalloyed support and disciplined followership. We have a far greater stake in future elections than we had in the recently-concluded ones and as such, the earlier we stay united and begin to work ahead of time; the better it will be for us all.

KNOW YE ALL however that on the strength of the said FHC Asaba judgment delivered on 18th March 2019, Olorogun Cyril Abeye Ogodo remains the authentic Chairman of Delta State chapter of All Progressives Congress and ALL the candidates that emerged from the primaries conducted by him are the authentic candidates of APC in Delta State for the 2019 elections. Of course, any aggrieved party in that concluded suit still has the right of appeal. I suspect that some persons may not listen to the voice of reason as usual. Without attempting to play Nostradamus, I foresee an affirmation of the FHC Asaba judgment on appeal based on the profundity of the soundness of that judgment. Nobody can stop reggae!

Congratulations to all our leaders, other party members and supporters who have stood firm in pursuit of justice.

Thank you all.


Next Level!

Steve Uwaechie, Esq.

Authentic APC Candidate,

(Aniocha South Constituency) for Delta State House of Assembly.

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