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You have something scummy, Dokubo blasts girls calling men scum

Nollywood Veteran Actress, Hilda Dokubo, in an online video released on her social media page says, it’s very annoying calling our sons scum, arguing that there might be a possibility of those calling men scum to have something “scummy” about them hence, they attracted the scum.

In the 3 minutes video released, she expressed her feelings that there are lots of boys and girls who can be very ill-mannered and deals unimaginably with issues when things go wrong without thinking twice, and this does not make any of the scum.

She hinted that the fact that the relationship didn’t work for you, does not equally warrant such a bogus statement of calling a fully grown-up person a scum and also for the fact that the relationship didn’t work for you, it can still work for another.


She vocally queried why those things enjoyed in the relationship when it was still rosy, never mentioned in the public space, cautioning ladies to be cautious of what they say about men. She insisted that what went wrong in the relationship that led to the generalization of ‘all men are scum’ can be corrected on proper examination.

Veteran Actrees Hilda-Dokubo

In her own words, she said, “some things are very annoying. You already know I have boys, my mother gave birth to boys, I have a lot of friends who have only sons and you would sit in your house and call our life investments scums. When did he become a scum, you were dating him, he asked you out and you followed him. Then something happens, he becomes a scum. Have you asked why you were attracted to scum in the first place? Maybe you may have something scummy about you”.

The Veteran actress scornfully in a hilarious look advised girls to hold themselves and be careful in order not to attract a reprisal from men, seeing all women in that same bad light.

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