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Bizarre: Vigilante arrest policemen who sell Indian Hemp (Video)

Vigilante group in Benin City, Edo State have arrested two policemen who trade on Indian hemp also known as ‘Igbo’.

According to a reliable source, the vigilante men had arrested a boy with the substance along with a gun and had taken him to their office in Benin for further investigation and then hand him over to the police.

The source stated that after the vigilante arrested the boy, two policemen later drove to their office in a white Lexus 350 jeep with a toy gun urging the vigilante to allow them to exchange the gun with the toy gun before they hand the boy over to the police to make it easy for them to get him bailed. Breaking News

Shocked by their request, the vigilante became suspicious and decided to accost the two and carry out a thorough search on their vehicle.

On searching the vehicle the vigilante discovered large quantities of Indian hemp wrapped inside different polythene bags.

When questioned about the substance, and other suspicious items inside the vehicle, the two policemen claimed they seized them from someone and were yet to tender them in the station.

The vigilante however arrested them and handed them over to the police for further investigation.

Watch video below:

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