Radio Nigeria FM station in Kwara suffers attack by hoodlums

In the early morning of Tuesday, a group of four hoodlums attacked the Radio Nigeria FM station in Idofian town, Kwara State. The station is owned by the federal government and operated by the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN.

The hoodlums arrived on two motorcycles and broke into the station. They tied up and beat up the night guard and stole the station’s cables and other valuable items. They also took the phones of the officers who were on duty at the time.

The attack damaged the station’s equipment and forced it to go off-air. The station’s general manager, Hajia Binta Abubakar Mora, who was represented by the assistant director of programmes, condemned the attack and said it was a great threat to the broadcasting industry in Nigeria.

She said similar attacks had happened to other FRCN stations in Lokoja, Kogi State, and Lafia, Nassarawa State. She said the damaged cables were very expensive, and fixing them would be a burden on the management.

She thanked God that none of the staff members were killed or injured during the attack. She appealed to the Nigerian government to help them restore their operations and improve their security. She also said that the location of the station was not conducive to work and asked for government assistance to make it better.

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