Police on a manhunt of officers who extorted N1.8million from teenagers in Delta

By Ovasa Ogaga,

Delta State Police Command is on a manhunt of two police officers attached to AIG zone 5 Benin, who allegedly extorted two teenagers of N1.8million at gunpoint in Effurun, Delta State.

ADVOCATE gathered that attempts by a team of Police acting on the directive of Commissioner of Police Delta State Police Command, Mr Hafiz Mohammed Inuwa to arrest the suspects at their hideout along DSS express road were unsuccessful, as one of them escaped leaving his gun behind.

When contacted to confirm the report, the Commissioner of Police Delta State Police Command, Mr Hafiz Mohammed Inuwa he said he was out of the state and would not want to talk about the issue until fully briefed.

However, a senior police officer in the state who spoke to us in confidence confirmed the report saying: “Yes we are on their trail, they will not escape justice, the current CP in Delta has a zero-tolerance for officers who abuse their position and office.

Recall that a Warri based Human Right lawyer, Barr Omes Ogedegbe alleged on a post on his Facebook page that the teenagers were allegedly dragged down from a tricycle into a Camry car at gunpoint by the PTI junction over the week.

According to him, “this afternoon while I was in the office Secretariat, our Delta Central coordinator who doubles as the UPU youth president Comr. Umukoro Efemina came to the office in the company of his vice and two teenage boys whom he directed to narrate their ordeals to me and it was very devastating.

“They claim the both of them were in a tricycle when a Camry car stopped them and dragged them into the car at gunpoint by the PTI junction. They were immediately placed in handcuffs and taken to a POS stand at the PLaza by PTI junction.

“The policemen were only two in number. One took the ATM and the pin of one of them to the POS but the card failed. That he returned and one led the boy as they were two in number to the POS stand where the boy with the aid of his phone transferred four hundred thousand Naira which appears as his limit.

“They moved them to First Bank Effurun, while one was in handcuff in the car the police led the other to the bank and transferred 1.4million naira to the POS lady’s account making a total of 1.8million.

“The Delta State CP with zero tolerance for corruption, extortion, robbery and hostage-taking directed the DPO Ebrumede to arrest the POS owner who was taken to the station.

“The boys recalled that while at the PLaza they remembered someone greeted the police and told them he would meet them in their Hotel along the DSC express road. We informed the CP about it and proceeded to the hotel with a senior police officer and behold one of the wanted officers was right in front of us.

The senior police officer with us immediately disarmed him but before he could be arrested he had swiftly scaled the fence and escaped leaving his official rifle behind.

“This case is a terrific and mind bugling. We have done several recoveries which I enjoy keeping out of the press but I am tempted to make this public as kidnapping cannot be less defined.

“The police officers are from zone5 who are not aware of the current CP Delta there is a new sheriff in town with zero tolerance for use of police legitimate riffle in criminality. We must see that Justice is manifestly done in this case.”




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