Corruption Is Not The Biggest Problem of Nigeria; Population Of Plain Stupid People Is…

Dr Wilson Ozuem


By Wilson Ozuem,

Nigeria is known for many nocuous or noxious vices – the one most wrongly fingered being the fantastically, corrupt and thieving politicians. But the biggest issue for me is the huge population of foolish and stupid people ever!

Corruption thrives because foolish Nigerians hail, rather than condemn their perpetrators – in fact, they adore them. It’s only a foolish set of people that will lap up the Stockholm syndrome; their traducers are hailed and labelled with the most fanciful titles.

Nigeria – no doubts today have the three characteristics of a failed country; yet, a foolish Nigerian, the other day gleefully made an Update on his Facebook Wall on the ‘award’ Buhari won as the world’s only non-corrupt leader! Yes, that’s how foolish Nigerians can wear the crown of a fool!

Yesterday, I read on someone’s Wall, an Update praising the superior ‘fire power’ that have subdued Daddy Freeze! He meant the ‘fire power’ from Ibiyeomie and Enenche! Meantime, just weeks ago, a medical doctor here in London, who worked and worshipped in one of the big four Nigerian Churches revealed the scam of a ’Bishop’ who claims he had never been sick – yet he regularly came in to treat sicknesses and age-related ailments! But foolish Nigerians preferred to run to this Bishop and his brothers-in-trade to have them ‘lay hands’ for miraculous cure! If you question them they point you to the miracles of Jesus Christ. Yes, that’s how foolish they are!

Let me quote Rev Mathew Kukah here (he is himself a man of God):

“While we were speaking in tongues, Denmark went into education of her citizens.
While we were mounting big speakers in our places of worship, USA was mounting man on the moon.
After our prayers, God, being a wise God decided to reward us according to our labour.
Since those that went into industrialization, technology, infrastructural development, ICT, education etc had been rewarded accordingly. It’s only wise God rewards us with our efforts in prayers.

That’s why today, Nigerian pastors are competing in building the biggest churches. That’s why there are more prayer houses and worship places than hospitals and schools. That’s why people rush to prayer houses for medical and business solutions instead of hospitals.
That’s why we don’t do business proposals before jumping into business since we are going to back it up with prayers. And when such collapse, we blame devil…”

When you criticise Buhari, foolish Nigerians will attack you and reel out reasons why the past governments should carry the can.

When you criticise Pastors, foolish Nigerians will creep out of all holes to attack you and point you to how God personally came down from heaven to ‘anoint’ them – making them UNTOUCHABLE and beyond REPROACH!

Fela did a fantastic job of that track he entitled, ‘Follow-Follow.’ It’s only a fool who will follow like a zombie! Fools shed their brains as a snake moults. When a snake moults, it slithered away leaving the shed skin; so is a fool: they shed their brains and moved on to carry on existing as a knucklehead!

By Wilson Akpomedae Ozuem,

Writes from UK

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