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We are desperately in need of the governor in 2023; support us, we will not forget you, UPU tells Ijaw leaders

President-General, UPU, Olorogun (Dr.) Moses Taiga, and Alaowei Broderick Bozimo, Chairman, Delta Ijaw 4 Governor 2023 Movement, during their visit to the UPU on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 at Urhobo Cultural Centre , Uvwiamuge-Agbarho.

By Ovasa Ogaga,

The Urhobo Apex Social-cultural group, the Urhobo Progress Union, (UPU) has appealed to its Ijaw neighbours and other ethnic groups in Delta State to support the Urhobo nation’s quest to produce the state governor in 2023, assuring that Urhobo will not forget those who supported them to achieve the desire.

The President-General, UPU, Olorogun (Dr.) Moses Taiga, gave the assurance while responding to the remark by Alaowei Broderick Bozimo, Chairman, Delta Ijaw 4 Governor 2023 Movement, during their visit to the UPU on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, at Urhobo Cultural Centre, Uvwiamuge-Agbarho to solicits Urhobos’ support for the Ijaw governorship aspiration.

Olorogun Taiga urged Deltans to sustain the Peoples Democratic Party Senatorial governorship zoning formula which has worked for the state and ensured peace and harmony since 1999, adding that shifting the goal post at the middle of the match to introduce zoning by ethnicity will not promote unity in the sta
He also enjoined the All Progressives Congress, APC and other major political parties to zone their Delta governorship slots to Delta Central Senatorial district to sustain the existing arrangement which has given every section of Delta a sense of belonging.

According to the UPU President-General; “Our nearest neighbours are the Ijaws. When we were elected in 2017 we said we will work graciously with our neighbours and nobody can be nearer the Urhobos than the Ijaws.

“So, we are pleading with you, let what the PDP has started, maybe APC we don’t know their system, they might do the same thing, maybe labour party, those are the three major party we have in the state, we are appealing to all of them that that which has been started in 1999, let the circle continue. And when the circle has been completed, let us not change the rule and now talk about ethnic nationalities. That is a new dimension.

“The Senatorial system which started with Delta Central, South, now North, and then back to Delta Central to continue. When that has been done, we would look around, those that helped us now, we will help them then.

The UPU is not a political party, but we are the oldest cultural organisation in Nigeria and this November we will be 90 years old and second-largest and second oldest in Africa with the ANC, so we have methodologies of doing these things and we would be very glad sir if our neighbour please us.

“When you support us and we produce the governor in 2023, we will not forget you, we cannot forget you because you are the nearest neighbour to us.

“The reality is that the Urhobos are desperately in need of producing the next governor of Delta state and we will not forget our Izon brothers if they assist us to produce the governor of the state,” he added.

Here is the Video:

Delta 2023 Guber: We’ll not forget your support, UPU assures Ijaw leaders


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