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By Zik Gbemre

I feel pained in my heart that Delta state people living in and around Delta Central, Delta South and the entire Warri areas have to travel all the way to Benin in Edo State, or Asaba the Delta State capital, just to board a flight to Abuja, Lagos and Kano. It is like subjecting people to sufferings, which could have been avoided by those in power, if they had done what they were supposed to do.

Former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, who is from Delta South, and lived all his adult life in the oil city of Warri and environs before joining the administration of his cousin, former Governor James Ibori, and later become a Governor of Delta State, was unable to upgrade the Osubi-Warri aistrip to a standard airport and make it functional. It is even more annoying that Uduaghan abandoned this laudable project of upgrading the said Osubi Airstrip, despite all the billions of funds that were budgeted and supposedly expended on it.

Uduaghan, as a Medical Doctor in all his adult life, only practiced medicine in the Delta Steel Company (DSC), Ovwian-Aladja. But later opened his private clinic where he was living with his family at No. 7, Jubare Street, Off Giwa Amu Street, Okumagba Layout, Warri, before he was brought into Delta State Government circles by his cousin Ibori in 1999. That building is still there as we speak for those interested to go and investigate. He attended Avenue Baptist Church and First Baptist Church, all in Warri, but yet, he deliberately refused to develop the said Osubi-Warri Airstrip and make it functional as it ought to be.

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Uduaghan and his cousin Ibori, are the most shameless Delta State Governors we have ever had in the political history of this State. As nature would have it, the consequences of their bad leadership are now affecting both of them. I was told Uduaghan lives in Lagos and Warri, but he can’t get flights to Warri because of the pathetic state of the Osubi-Warri Airstrip. So, Uduaghan has to use the Benin and Asaba airports, and we all know how terrible the state of the express road to/from Benin has been.

Is this not foolishness? That both cousins, Ibori and Uduaghan, with all the public funds they enjoyed in Government coffers while they were in Government, they were still unable to upgrade the Osubi-Warri Airstrip to a standard Airport to make it functional and be able to accommodate bigger aircrafts. These two former Governors are nothing but a total disgrace to their people.

Both men are simply worthless. They should be shamed, booed and stoned in public places by the people, for the pains, sufferings and hardship their leadership while in Government have caused and brought on Deltans.
Uduaghan does not worth to the opportunity to go to the Senate. The question is, what is Uduaghan going to do in the Senate? He has joined the PDP to prepare grounds for his Senatorial ambition, having failed under the APC. Shame on Uduaghan and his cousin Ibori, for failing to upgrade the Osubi-Warri Airstrip and make it functional, during the 16 years of their bad leadership as Governors.
Zik Gbemre
January 11,2021

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