Okuama Community razed down by Nigerian Army

Soldiers Invasion Of Olota Not A Sign Of Strength

Tinubu as President of Nigeria and Commander-In-Chief should call the military to order. The Olota invasion is unnecessary and uncalled for.

There is no war in Olota community and there is no conflict between Olota people and the military so why the invasion of Olota by the Nigerian military?

There is no terrorism in Olota community and Olota is not a den of kidnappers so the military has no business going to Olota in the first instance. The Nigerian soldiers should keep to their roles as enshrined in the constitution and not acting outside the law.

Nigeria is not under military administration. Since 1999 Nigeria is practicing democracy and rule of law must prevail. It is the role of the Nigerian police to maintain law and order internally and not the military.

Olota in Ughelli South is not in war with the military and the Nigerian state so the military has no business going to Olota community.

As for Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, you are the elected governor of Delta state and it is your duty to be in charge as chief security officer of the entire Delta state  and not the military.

The Nigerian military should concentrate efforts to end banditry and Boko haram in Northern Nigeria. Even the protection of the oil and gas business for which they brought the soldiers to occupy the operating environment is not yielding any good result.

Since the military’s presence in oil and gas locations in South South illegal bunkering has increased significantly. The military posted to man oil installations in the South are majorly involved in the oil theft.

All military commanders posted to the oil rich Delta are very rich. The military has escalated illegal bunkering. The solders are in Delta to make money from illegal bunkering trade.

The Nigerian police should take charge of internal security. There is nothing the soldiers do in the oil rich Delta to protect oil and gas facilities that Nigerian police can’t do better.

The military should stay away from communities living peacefully in Delta state. Tinubu should let the police do its lawful duties.  You, Tinubu claim to be a democrat but see how your APC led administration has militarilised Delta state.

The military has its roles and the police has its roles. Please Mr President and his military should allow the Nigerian police to do its work. In US and Russia that they have the strongest militaries in the world, they allow the American and Russian police to do their work.

Their militaries have not taken over the roles of their police. Tinubu has become a civilian dictator using the military to invade communities living peacefully.

Have the soldiers gone to Olota community for another questionable peace mission again? Olota is not a war zone, neither the community has land dispute with any other community or has rift with the military, no sign of terrorism.

Few days ago I saw a video of bandits/herdsmen burnt down local bridges in Apa LGA of Benue state to stop security intervention in a community where the bandits and herdsmen kill people everyday, burning houses, and destroying farm produce.

The military are needed in entire Northern Nigeria to fight terrorism and not invading Olota and Okuama communities in Delta that are living peacefully.

The military should go back to barracks and concentrate on war against terrorism in Northern Nigeria. Leave Olota and Okuama alone. Is there any plan to exterminate the Urhobo nation?

Nigerians are witnessing likes of military dictatorship of Abacha administration under Tinubu with increasing invasion of peaceful communities in Delta.

There is no war in Delta. The military should allow Nigerian police to handle civil matters and internal disagreements.

By Zik Gbemre

April 12,2024

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