Politicians act badly because Nigerians allow them, Bishop Kukah says

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah of the Sokoto Diocese of the Catholic Church has blamed Nigerians for the conduct of the political class, saying they do not hold them to account.

He made this remark on Channels TV on Wednesday, where he said that Nigerians only focus on elections and do not engage politicians.

He said, “The politicians will keep acting the way they do because we let them get away with it. We have said it before: elections are not enough, even if they are free and fair. We have to keep engaging the political class.

“We are suffocating in Nigeria because we think that once we have elected people, we will trust them to do good things for us. We don’t elect people to enjoy and be comfortable on our behalf.

“Our duty and responsibility is to constantly make those who govern us feel uncomfortable if they are not performing well.”

“The important thing is what happens after elections; that is where engagement should happen.

“But Nigerians tend to delegate their responsibilities, and we keep praying that good people will take over our country, govern us, and we will live happily ever after. It doesn’t work like that; we have to keep knocking on their door and reminding them that being elected puts an obligation on them.”

Kukah also said that Nigerians sometimes act like ‘a bunch of spoilt people.’

He said, “Sometimes, we in Nigeria act like a bunch of spoilt people. If we look outside the window and see what’s happening elsewhere—the earthquakes, tragedies, and natural disasters that have hit the world,

“We have to ask ourselves: What have we done to deserve God’s kindness and grace? Why then do we turn the swords on ourselves?”

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