Orogun people protest against the purported installation of Chief Agbada as prime minister of the kingdom

By Ovasa Ogaga,

The people of Igbuku-Orogun, a sub-clan in Orogun kingdom today trooped into the main street of Orogun to protest against the purported installation of one Chief Daniel Agbada as the Onutu-Uku (Prime Minister) of Orogun kingdom by the Okpara of Unukpo-Orogun without following due process.

The protesters mostly elderly women (Ewheya), old men and youths, numbering over 300 chanting war songs, marched to the palace of the Okpara of Unukpo-Orogun, Orogun police station, and then ended at the palace of the Okpara-Uku of Orogun kingdom.

They alleged Chief Agbada accompanied by some disgruntled Igbuku people induced the Okpara of Unukpo with money at ungodly hours on Sunday, May 19, 2020, to install him as the Onutu-Uku of Orogun kingdom when the tenure of the incumbent Chief Innocent Edewor has not expired.

They also alleged that Chief Agbada, Ozumba and other allegedly stole the Orogun war deity of over 1000 years, which is also, serves as the symbol of authority of the Onutu-Uku of Orogun Kingdom, who is the commander-in-chief of Orogun traditional army.

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Speaking to journalists on why the engaged in the protest, Pa Daniel Okurho, (Okarhorho) the oldest man of Igbuku-Orogun said that Chief Agbada approached him on Sunday to call an emergency meeting of the community, which he did reluctantly when Agbada refuse to accept his explanation that the community don’t hold a meeting on Sundays.

He added at it was in the meeting that Chief Agbada informed few of the elders whom he was able to assembly due shortness of the notice that the tenure of the incumbent Onutu-Uku of Orogun kingdom has expired and that it was his turn to assume the position.

Pa Okurho stated further that, “I told him that though the position is zoned to Igbuku, the tenure of the incumbent will expire by next year and when it expires, the position will be open for all qualified Igbuku sons to vie for it.

“But sadly, to our greatest chagrin, we heard that he went with some of his friends to the Okpara of Unukpo after given him money, he was installed as Onutu-Uku against our advice and lay down the process, that is why at my age I have to lead them today on a peaceful protest to the Okpara-Uku place.”

Speaking also, Chief Jacob Ughwuba, the Onutu-Uku of Igbuku-Orogun sub-clan said they were shocked that the Okpara of Unukpo who supposed to be a custodian of the customs and tradition of Orogun kingdom could engage in such a sham which is capable of igniting crisis in the kingdom.

According to him, “by the tradition of Orogun kingdom, Umusu produces the Okpara-Uku while the Unukpo produces Onutu-Uku, and the position of Onutu-Uku was zoned to Igbuku sub-clan and all eligible Igbuku sons are qualified to contest for the position when it’s vacated.

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“This is what the Okarhorho told Chief Agbada and his co-travellers when they came on Sunday that the seat is not vacant and that when it’s time he like others can vie for the position, he left and we thought that was all.

“We are, however, surprised that he went to the Okpara with few misguided elements from the community to be installed as Onutu-Uku, and the Okpara who supposed to be a custodian of the customs and traditions of Orogun kingdom fail for it.

“We the people of Igbuku-Orogun reject this affront on our cherished tradition and therefore condemn it and also call on all well-meaning Orogun sons and daughters to reject Agbada and his cohorts.”

The spokesperson of the women (Ewheya), Madam Edeore Ujodo said that what Chief Agbada and his cohorts did on Sunday was unprecedented in the history of Orogun kingdom; therefore they have joined men and youths from Igbuku-Orogun to reject it.

In her word; “what happened on Sunday was unheard of in Orogun kingdom and that the Okpara can unilaterally install Onutu-Uku without consulting the Okarhorho and other members of the council of the chief is shocking, indeed money can make the sane go mad.

“We the Ewheya (women) of Igbuku-Orogun are not aware of the purported installation, our men and the youths are also not aware and not part of it, and therefore, we condemn and reject it.

Meanwhile, the DPO of Orugun police division urged the protesters to go about their protest peacefully without causing a breach of peace even as the Okpara-Uku of Orogun assured them that the Okpara-Uku-in-council will look into the case on Monday next week and enjoined them to be calm.








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