Nigerian Political Godfathers Act Like Italian Mafia, Says Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani, a former federal lawmaker and human rights activist, has compared Nigerian political godfathers, who force political office-holders on the people against their will, to the infamous Italian mafia.

He posted on his X account (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday that the one-time Kaduna Central Senator said that the problem arises when the protégé, motivated by conscience or changing circumstances, decides to rebel against the immoral agreement between the godson and the godfather.

Shehu Sani wrote: “Most Nigerian political godfathers don’t choose their successors based on competence; they choose and impose them based on loyalty, not to the state but to lords of power.

“It’s a cultish relationship based on state capture, total control of political power, mutual protection, and looting of state resources.

“Trouble naturally erupts when the protégé, driven by conscience, overbearing influence, or new realities, decides to revolt against the unconscionable covenant.

“Nigerian political godfathers have a lot in common with their Italian mafia counterparts.”

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