CDS says soldiers’ lives are at stake by bail granted to terrorists

The judiciary is responsible for the slow prosecution of Boko Haram members and other non-state actors, according to the Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, General Chris Musa.

The CDS, who appeared before the House of Representatives on Tuesday, said the lives of security personnel are endangered by the bail granted to Boko Haram members.

The CDS told lawmakers that the fight against terrorism is hampered by the release of Boko Haram operatives.

“Another aspect of the judiciary is that you make an arrest with all your effort, you hand them over, and before you get into your vehicle, the man is out on bail.

“Now you have put yourself at risk by doing that, and when he is released, he informs the people who arrested him. Now you or your family members are in danger. It is reaching a point where the security forces are reluctant to make any effort,” the CDS said.

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