Akpabio: Religion will not divide Nigeria, hosts Muslim senators for Iftar

The President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio, has emphasized that religion cannot divide Nigeria or the upper legislative chamber. Akpabio made these remarks while hosting Muslim senators for Iftar (breaking of fast) in Abuja on Monday night.

Akpabio highlighted the importance of unity and the common purpose of serving humanity under one Supreme God.

He mentioned that the Muslim Ramadan and Christian Lenten periods coinciding once again was not a mere coincidence, but rather a divine sign that both faiths ultimately serve the same God.

The Senate President further stressed the significance of working together for the progress of humanity and the country, regardless of religious differences.

He said: “The intention is to show that we may have different religions, but we have only one God and that God is the Supreme God that looks after all of us.”

In response, Deputy Senate President Jibrin Barau thanked Akpabio for the invitation, which he described as a demonstration of the care and concern that the Senate President has for all lawmakers in the country.

Barau emphasized that the invitation itself was more meaningful than the food served at the Iftar.

The gathering of Muslim and Christian senators for the Iftar and the acknowledgment of the Easter celebration is a powerful symbol of unity and religious tolerance in Nigeria.

It sends a strong message to the public that despite their different faiths, the country’s leaders are committed to working together for the common good.

The Senate President’s hosting of Muslim senators for Iftar and his remarks on the unity of Nigeria’s people serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of religious tolerance and understanding in a diverse nation.

It sets an example for all Nigerians to follow in their daily lives, promoting peace and harmony among different religious communities.

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