219 Individuals Arrested for Crossing Expressways in Lagos

In a bid to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists, the Lagos State Government has intensified its efforts to enforce laws against crossing expressways in the state.

In March alone, a total of 219 individuals were arrested and prosecuted for this offense at various locations across Lagos, including Oshodi, Dopemu, Ikeja, Ikorodu Road, Ketu, and Ojota.

The arrests were carried out by the Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Corps (LASECORPS), which has been actively working to prevent such dangerous behavior.

The agency’s spokesperson, Lukman Ajayi, expressed concern over the disregard for safety rules and the lack of compliance among some residents, particularly when it comes to using pedestrian bridges.

Ajayi highlighted the alarming trend of parents taking their children to cross 10-lane expressways where pedestrian bridges are available, emphasizing the importance of adhering to safety regulations for the well-being of all Lagosians.

He urged residents, especially parents, to be responsible and ensure that their children use the provided pedestrian bridges instead of risking their lives by crossing expressways.

The Lagos State Government remains committed to enforcing these laws to prevent accidents and save lives.

The LASECORPS will continue its efforts to ensure that pedestrians and motorists comply with safety regulations and use designated crossing points.

The Lagos State Government’s recent enforcement efforts serve as a reminder of the importance of adhering to safety rules and using pedestrian bridges when crossing expressways.

This initiative aims to create a safer environment for all Lagosians and prevent unnecessary accidents and loss of life.

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