Group writes Tinubu over renewal of Tantita’s surveillance contract

An international youth advocacy group, Nigeria Patriotic Youth Network, Int’l has appealed to President Bola Tinubu to urgently wade into the renewal of the Oil Pipeline Surveillance Contract awarded to Tantita Security Services Limited.

The group’s International Coordinator, Amb. Akpovire Godwin Ovuomaraini in an open letter to President Tinubu said Tantita’s contract needed to be renewed given their proven reliability, efficiency, and professionalism.

He said that those who didn’t want a renewal of the contract were behind oil theft and urged the President to urgently approve the contract renewal in the best interest of the nation.

The letter reads in part: “I trust this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to respectfully appeal for the immediate renewal of the oil pipeline surveillance contract held by Tantita Security Services, which was initially engaged by your esteemed predecessor.

“Tantita Security Services has consistently demonstrated exceptional reliability, efficiency, and professionalism in carrying out their vital mandate, which has undeniably contributed to significant gains in our nation’s economy.

“As patriotic citizens and concerned youths of our great nation, we firmly believe that Tantita Security Services has earned the right to have their contract renewed without undue bureaucratic delay. This appeal is grounded in the remarkable track record and contributions of Tantita Security Services to the security and protection of our critical oil infrastructure.

“Key points supporting the renewal of Tantita Security Services’ contract include Proven Reliability: Tantita Security Services has consistently shown itself to be a reliable partner in safeguarding our oil pipelines. Their unwavering commitment to this critical task has resulted in a notable reduction in pipeline vandalism and oil theft.

“Efficiency: Tantita Security Services’ efficient operations have not only protected our valuable oil assets but also ensured the uninterrupted flow of oil production. This efficiency has directly contributed to the increased barrels per day in our nation’s oil production.

“Professionalism: The professionalism demonstrated by Tantita Security Services in their duties has been commendable. Their well-trained personnel and adherence to best practices have helped maintain a safe and secure environment for our vital oil infrastructure.

“Economic Gains: The enhanced security provided by Tantita Security Services has had a positive impact on our nation’s economy. With increased oil production and reduced losses due to theft and vandalism, the economic benefits are substantial.

“We, as concerned citizens, humbly request that you give urgent consideration to the renewal of Tantita Security Services’ contract. Doing so will not only recognize their outstanding contributions to our nation but also ensure the continued protection of our critical oil infrastructure, which is pivotal to our economic stability and growth.

“In light of the significant increase in our nation’s daily oil production since the engagement of Tantita Security Services, we believe that their continued service is crucial to sustaining this growth and securing our national assets.

“We trust in your wisdom and leadership, Your Excellency, and kindly request that you intervene to expedite the renewal of Tantita Security Services’ contract without unnecessary delay. This will not only affirm your commitment to the economic well-being of our nation but also demonstrate your recognition of service excellence.

“Thank you for your time, consideration, and unwavering dedication to the progress and prosperity of Nigeria,” Ovuomaraini stated.

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