John Nani’s Candidacy And The Future Of Delta Central At The Senate

By: Watchman Progress Amorighoye.

As a matter of fact, the Urhobo nation is the fifth largest ethnic nationality in Nigeria, nonetheless, we have remained backwards in terms of social amenities and infrastructural development, regardless of our contributions to the economy of our nation, through our oil and gas as well as other mineral resources, which have been the mainstay of the nation’s economy.

The majority of Urhobo inhabitants have been stripped of their source of livelihood due to the environmental pollution of our rivers and farmland, without adequate compensation.

Despite the new oil wells that are being discovered in our region on a yearly basis, our oil percentage has remained static and no one is talking about it.

Delta Central is a land that is blessed with diverse opportunities and mineral resources with vast land for both international and local investors to explore.

Against this backdrop, what we need is an effective representative who will explore all of the above opportunities to attract Federal and International attention to the development and industrialization of the Urhobo nation.

In this connection, however, Delta Central is a privileged Senatorial district that is blessed with vibrant and intellectual personalities who are willing to render selfless services for the progress of the Urhobo nation.

Therefore, to ensure that Delta Central Senatorial District is given an effective and robust representation, Olorogun (Barr.) John Obukohwo Nani happens to be one of those selfless and resourceful personalities that fit the bill.

Though we are not where we are supposed to be as a nation, however, we must make every moment count by sending a knowledgeable and compassionate front-runner that will go to the Red Chamber to effectively and strategically legislate to bring dividends of democracy to Delta Central. Therefore, I must say with all sense of humility that we must get it right now with Olorogun (Barr.) John Obukowho Nani.

Delta Central is too strategic to be left in the hands of the opposition, therefore we must give our support to a man that is tested, trusted and has proven with his track records of excellence that he can attract a Federal presence to Delta Central. And Olorogun (Barr.) John Obukohwo Nani is the best man to lead Delta Central Senatorial District in this rescue mission.

Meanwhile, the primary aim of a representative is to accurately deliver the message of his people at the centre and also report back to them with timely and detailed feedback. If the above is true it means that there must be a good working relationship between a representative and the people who they represent. Olorogun (Barr.) John Obukohwo Nani is a friend to both leaders, traditional rulers, and the good people of Delta Central.

I want to call on all PDP members in Delta Central, delegates and leaders of thought, both within and in the diaspora to support, project and work with Olorogun (Barr.) John Obukohwo Nani, for the forthcoming Delta Central Senatorial District PDP primary election, as our flag bearer. This is because we believe in Barr. John Nani’s Legislative prowess since our future is safe with him.

Advocate Nigeria