Police warn of rising suicide cases in Nigeria, urge mental health support

Delta State Police Spokesperson, Bright Edafe, has expressed worry over the growing cases of suicide among Nigerians.

Edafe observed that suicide has become more common among couples lately.

The police officer narrated how a man who assaulted his wife later killed himself by hanging.

He also mentioned how a 16-year-old girl took her own life by hanging because her father had threatened to punish her for staying out overnight.

Therefore, Edafe urged Nigerians to take care of their mental health, saying the dead person is the one who suffers.

He advised the people to avoid places where they do not feel happy.

“Suicide is on the rise these days, especially among couples. A man was hitting his wife, and when neighbours came to help her, the man went inside his house and hanged himself.

“In another case, a sixteen-year-old girl who slept outside her father’s house was afraid of being beaten by her father. She tried to beg her father and mother, but they did not listen, so she also hanged herself.

“Let’s watch out for our mental health; the person who dies is the one who loses. Anywhere where you do not find peace is not for you. Let’s watch out for each other,” Edafe said in a post on his X handle.

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