NDA, Edo State calls for the creation of Directorate of Dental Services in the state Ministry of Health

By Angela James,

Nigerian Dental Association, NDA, Edo State Chapter, has solicited for the creation of the Directorate of Dental Services at the Edo State Ministry of Health to drive the process of integration of oral health care into Primary Health Care, PHCs.

The Chairman of the Association, Dr. Clement Azodo made this plea in a press briefing in Benin as part of activities to commemorate World Oral Health Day, WOHD, 2022 with the theme:” Be Proud of Your Mouth”.

Dr. Azodo also solicited for the employment of more dentists and dental auxiliaries to facilitate preventive dental care and improve its access to Edo citizens.

Dr. Azodo explained that this works to ensure that individuals can receive dental care at PHCs, thanking the state government for heeding their call to recruit dentists and dental specialists into her Civil Service.

Dr. Azodo said the goal of WOHD is to create awareness and bring increased focus on oral health and its related issues on a global scale maintaining that this year’s theme is apt as one can only achieve this state of being proud of his mouth if it facilitates eating, speech, socialisation and self-confidence without discomfort or pain inclusive of its contribution to the general well-being.

He further said that individual behavioural practices like brushing one’s teeth twice daily with a fluoride-containing toothpaste, flossing the teeth, eating healthy and natural foods and avoidance of food with refined sugars, adopting a healthy lifestyle and visiting the dentist at least every six months for expert mouth check which ensures that oral diseases are detected in its early stage and promptly treated.

In the same vein, the Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, Edo State Chapter, Dr. Harrison Omokhua acknowledged the importance of good oral health to the general well-being of man noting that people are not aware of what oral disease can cause them.

Dr. Omokhua said that alot of persons neglect their mouth until they begin to have pains added that preventive care is the way to go in that when people visit the dentist regularly oral diseases can be detected early and treated.

He urged people to maintain good oral habits and be proud of their mouths.

On her part, the President of the Medical Women Association, Dr. Ehi Isah urged people to take meaningful steps to improve their oral health as the mouth is the gateway to the body.

Dr. Isah who was represented by the press briefing by the Assistant Secretary-General of the Association, Dr. Elohor Okunghae further urged people to avoid alcohol, smoking, excess sugar and use fluoride contained toothpaste.

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