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Sylvester Oromoni

Late Sylvester Oromoni Jr father rejects coroner’s inquest report, alleges bias

The father of the late Sylvester Oromoni Jr., 12-year Dowen College, Mr. Sylvester Oromoni Sr., has vehemently rejected the coroner inquiry judgement delivered by Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri on Monday, April 15, 2024.

Speaking on Channels Sunrise Daily on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, Oromoni Sr. criticized the judgment, claiming it was biased and one-sided.

According to Oromoni Sr., the magistrate Mikhail Kadiri, failed to consider his son’s last statements and the Crucial testimonies of witnesses called during the findings of the events that led to Sylvester jr’s, death.

He asserted that the judgment, was influenced by external factors and did not reflect the true facts of the case.

“The judgment was just one-sided. The magistrate was talking about negligence by doctors, whereas all the Pathologists confirmed they saw a blackish substance inside the body of my son, which does not form part of his body,” this, the judgment did not consider. Oromoni Sr. stated.

He further criticized the coroner’s judgment, pointing out inconsistencies in the report and alleging that crucial evidences were overlooked.

Oromoni Sr. expressed disappointment in the handling of his son’s case by Dowen College, where Sylvester was a student. He criticized the school for failing to provide adequate care for a child he left under their watch and for allegedly misleading him about the circumstances surrounding his son’s injury.

The coroner inquest, which took place at the Ogba Magistrate Court, had earlier attributed Sylvester’s death to negligence on the part of his parents and the doctor who treated him.

However, Oromoni Sr. disputed these claims, arguing that he was not given the correct information about his son’s condition from the outset.

“We had been given information that he played football, and based on that information, we had to focus on treating his leg.

“The principal,who is the guardian to my son, should have at least been able to guide Us on what happened in the school and to call on Us as soon as possible.

According to the School authority, the Doctor and Nurse in the school, messaged the boy severally, and the Magistrate did not mention that, but rather blamed the families and the Warri Doctors, what kind of judgement is this? He exclaimed.

He concluded by stating that he is awaiting further legal action and will continue to seek justice for his son until it is served.

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