Insecurity: When silence is no longer golden; elites should speak up, says Eholor

By Angela James,

Considering the ugly security situations ravaging Nigeria and the inability of the President Muhammadu Buhari led-government to address the security challenges confronting our nation, a renowned activist and President of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor has condemned the inability of Nigerian elites to speak up against the wanton killings going across the nation.

Chief Eholor, also known as Democracy Observer-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in a statement through his media office, said it is no longer exaggeration to say that since independence that Nigeria is currently facing the worst form of insecurity.

“The activities of killer bandits in Plateau, Benue, Zamfara, Sokoto, Kaduna and Taraba states without anyone to challenge them are totally unacceptable. These group of killers go about with sophisticated weapons like AK47 to kill and maim innocent people. They burn houses and take over people’s land by force.  In fact, some of their apologists have told the whole world that these people are from Chad, Niger and Libya and that they own the land of the proud Tiv people by conquest. These bandits had brought sorrow and misery to the people. These marauding bandits are bad news to the people of Nigeria as they have brought the untimely death of up to 5,000 people and we are still counting.

“Nigerians from every part of the country are complaining about the escalating crime wave in the country. People are disenchanted. There is a fear of uncertainty about the future of our country. This explains why We hope and pray that the discontent in Nigeria will not escalate to violent demonstrations, as we have seen different groups protesting in Katsina, Abuja, Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Imo etc.”

The popular philanthropist also wondered why the elites are silent on the issue of insecurity

“What we hear and read every day is the news of innocent lives being killed by people in the country. These killings happen at homes, on the road and in religious worshipping places. In fact, there is no safe place for Nigerians in their country. Every one of us lives like a captive or a prisoner. Those in power are the only few who get protection against attacks. You hardly hear about the kidnap of a governor, son of a governor, senator, son of a senator, a member of the house or his son. Almost in all cases, ordinary Nigerians are the casualties of violent crimes in Nigeria. The problem does not affect those in power. That’s why we shouldn’t expect banditry and kidnapping for ransom to end soon. It’s no surprise why they are silent on the issue of insecurity.

“When a nation is adrift and the future seems shaky with attendant national disaster, it behoves on men of conscience and past leaders of such a nation to speak out and point out ways of avoiding the danger confronting such a nation.”


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