Ekiti Pensioners Turn to God Amid Nigeria’s Economic Hardships and Insecurity

In the face of the escalating economic crisis and insecurity in Nigeria, pensioners in the state of Ekiti have turned to God for divine intervention.

The Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP) in the state organized a prayer summit on February 22, 2024, seeking God’s help to alleviate the suffering of the masses.

The Chairman of NUP, Ekiti State Council, Comrade Joel Akinola, emphasized that the country’s leadership is the root of the problem, and only God can influence the decisions of the leaders to bring about positive change.

He also highlighted the critical issues of insecurity, high cost of goods and services, and the thoughtless hike in fuel prices.

The pensioners’ union called on the Federal Government to implement necessary interventions to ease the hardship faced by the Nigerian people.

They also urged the release of more funds to pay the balance of five months and two months of unpaid pensions for Local and State Governments’ pensioners respectively.

In addition, the union pleaded with the Ekiti State government to remit the partial payment of their pensions and unpaid gratuities, as well as release the outstanding four months of deductions from their pensions.

The pensioners believe that these deductions are crucial in helping them cope with the high cost of living.

The economic crisis in Nigeria has led to a situation where some pensioners earn as little as N340 per month, which is not enough to meet even their basic needs.

The union has called on the government to implement the consequential adjustment of pensions in line with the economic realities of the time.

As the country continues to grapple with economic hardships and insecurity, the people of Nigeria, including the pensioners in Ekiti, are turning to God for help and divine intervention.

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