Monarch appeal for Government’s recognition, creation of Azagba Clan to avoid crisis

His Royal Highness, Vincent Atomatofa Edhuye, Efanowhe, the Osewo of Owhe Kingdom had appeal to Delta State government for his recognition as the authentic traditional Ruler of Owhe Kingdom even as the creation of Azagba Clan is being considered by the Owhelogbo people.Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa

In a letter, written to the office of the Deputy Governor of Delta State, Bar. Kingsley Otuaro in response to an earlier letter written titled, “an attempt to undermine the sanctity of the revered royal stool of the Odion – Logbo of Owhe Clan/Kingdom,” is requesting for government urgent and decisive intervention to avert the looming crisis in Owhe Clan/Kingdom.

In the letter Osewo chronicled the historical evolution of the Owhe people right from the migration from Benin till present day.  He pointed out that Owhe clan was founded by the duo of Owhe and Azagba.

They both had three sons, Ogbe, Ovo and Uthatho Ogbe first son, Osue, founded Owhelogbo which was at that time occupied by people from Abbi. And that due to the wars for territorial control, Owhe needed a king to lead the people.  Osue then went to Benin to obtain permission from the Oba of Benin to lead the Owhe people and was given a staff of office called USU with the title Efanowhe and Osewo of Owhe.

Osue was therefore declared the King of Owhe kingdom on his return with a palace built for him at Owhelogbo.  To help the Osewo administer his territory, the Osewo created a lot of administrative offices including the office of Odio-Karu of each of the communities that made up Owhe kingdom.

He also created the office of Oletu-ologbo (must come from Uruovo), Ozere Oritse-Owhe (who must come from Akiewe) andOdio-Edhe who becomes the spokesman of Osewo, the Efanowhe of Owhe Kingdom.  The Osewo also clarify that the title Odiologbo is alien to Owhe kingdom.

According to him, “We do not have Odiologbo in Owhe, what we have is Odio-Edhe.  It is a mere privileged conferred on the most senior person among the Edhe cult of Owhe Kingdom and is not hereditary.

He also stated that the Odio-Edhe has no traditional role in Owhe culture other than being the
spokesman of the Osewo.  For the avoidance of doubt, the Osewo further stated that there is no traditional salutation like Okpuzo.  Okpuzo was just the nickname of Chief Ogbaifo, one of the erstwhile Odio-Edhe in the past.

On the looming crisis; the letter read thus: “The stool of Osewo was usurped when Akokefe was Osewo and Ogbaifo who was the Odio – Edhe (Spokesman) was always attending meetings on behalf of the Osewo.

Adding that, “The creation of Isoko Local Government made Agbaza who was representing Isoko/Urhobo constituency at the Western House of Assembly, Ibadan; to present
Ogbaifo his personal friend as the Traditional Ruler of Owhe Clan”.
“The Osewo who was old and not allowed to go out as a revered royal leader was ignorantly sending the Odio-Edhe to represent him in all meetings called by government and other leaders not knowing that, the man had usurped his position” it added.

Edhuye however, through the letter call on the Delta State Government to declare, the Osewho of Owhe Clan as the traditional ruler of the Owhe Clan, while the Odio-logbo is a Chief in the Osewo’s palace.

“Sponsor a bill for the Osewo of Owhe Clan to be gazette as the authentic traditional ruler of Owhe Clan; an order by the Delta State Government to stop the Odion-logbo/odiologbo from parading himself as the traditional ruler of Owhe Clan and the repeal of the Gazette that recognize Odiologbo as the traditional ruler of Owhe Clan describing the claim of the Odiologbo as fallacious.”

Meanwhile a chat with, Obojobo David spokesman to Efanowhe, John Umubigho one time Osewo regent and Chief Joshua Ovie, further revealed that, the name Okpuzo was a knick name of Late Ogbaifo who was Odio-Edhe and had stated that, Osewho the Efanowhe of Owhe kingdom is the traditional ruler stressing that, in the time of Ogbaifo as Odio-Edhe, the name Odiologbo was coin to usurp the position of Osewho.

The trio of Umubigho, Ovie and Obojobo averred that, Owhelogbo is big enough to be a clan of her own in which Azagba clan has been proposed in order to give peace a chance noting that, Owhelogbo people are peace loving people.

On his part, HRM Okpuzo Romanus Ejirememe Inana 1, had in a letter addressed to the Deputy Governor, dated 20th October, 2015 described the Osewho as a traditional Chieftaincy holder and one of the kingmakers calling on the government to decisively intervene in the royal quagmire to forestall any breach of the peace in Owhe Kingdom.

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