Kingship Tussle: Omasoro is not Idjerhe king, says the Gbrogodo of Idjerhe kingdom

By Esada Uyono,

Imminent crises is looming in Idjerhe Kingdom, Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, following the ongoing kingship tussle as the Oguedion in Council has stated that the kingdom is yet to crown a king following the passage of their late monarch.

This development came shortly after the Oguedion in Council passed a vote of no confidence on some of the chiefs in the kingdom over their alleged involvement in the crowing one Chief Omasoro Agofere as a King in what they teamed “kangaroo meeting” held at the wee hours on Saturday March 7th, 2020.

They explained that the purported crowning Chief Omasoro Agofere as king when the kingmakers were still in the process of selecting a king who can effectively represents the people of Idjerhe kingdom is not only illegal but an aberration which must not stand.

The Oguedion in Council fully represented by the Unevworo and over 69  Chiefs from the 3 sub-clans that made up the Idjerhe Kingdom, expressed total dissatisfaction at such act and  immediately moved,  passed a motion and stalled High Chief Solomon Odemero Ojariefe Agbagi as the new Acting “Gbrogodo” (King Maker) of the Idjerhe Kingdom.

They went further to placed a 20 year ban and suspension with a fine of 1million on the former Gbrogodo Chief Princeolor Agbamitotor, the former Secretary to the traditional council, a former Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chief Stephen Ikewu, the self- a- claim king, Mr. Amasoro and other cohorts for trying to impose a king on the good people of Idjerhe Kingdom, an act capable of disrupting the peace, progress and causing a quagmire in the Kingdom.

Addressing newsmen on Sunday March 8, 2020 at the Town hall (Oguedion) in Jesse, the newly installed Gbrogodo of Idjerhe Kingdom, High Chief Solomon Odemero Ojariefe Agbagi said that the Kingdom is an institution which is bigger than an individual or group of persons.

He added that the “decision taking today by the Oguedion in Council is for the interest of the entire kingdom” and urged all Idjerhe sons and daughters to disassociate themselves from any activities relating to the Chiefs that have been suspended and pledged his unalloyed commitment, loyalty and support to the good people of Idjerhe Kingdom, maintaining that, he will not disappoint the trust reposed on him by them as their Gbrogodo.

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According to him, “before today I was the Unueworo of Idjerhe kingdom, but at about 3am on Saturday night I started receiving calls from Chief all over the kingdom that Omasoro was crowned King in his house as against Idjerhe kingdom lay down Constitution.

“A king is crowned by Udurhie and Uduaka inside the Ogwedion and the Unueworo, the Gbrogodo, the Ekpe and the most senior Chief has to be present before a king can be crowned. But before we woke up this morning, one Omasoro was given a bead in the leg that they have crowned him a King. We are here to tell the whole world that Idjerhe kingdom has not gotten a king. We are still in the process.

“We have all our Chiefs here with us from Udurhie and Uduaka and the entire Chief have signed and passed a vote of no confidence on the former Gbrogodo of the land by Chief Ejoro Agbamitotor. He has been suspended for 20years and he should no more be recognized as the Gbrogodo of the land anymore. A new acting Gbrogodo has been sworn in and he is the one addressing this press conference.

“I have the backing of all other chiefs from Udurhie and Uduaka. We have paved a new way in the history of Idjerhe kingdom. We want to tell the world that we have not gotten a king. So, anyone that is parading himself as king in the social media is not the King of Idjerhe kingdom.

“I the Gbrogodo of the land and all the chiefs are with me on this, we condemn it in totality the alleged claim that Omasoro is King of Idjerhe kingdom and should stop parading himself as such.

“All those who planned the coup, the former Gbrogodo and his cohort, Chief Ikewu, Chief Akioja, Chief William, the former secretary and the rest of them have all been suspended for 20 years and nobody should address them as Chiefs in Idjerhe kingdom.

“They are banned from all Idjerhe kingdoms’ activities and the Chief priest of the Kingdom will be updated on the new development. Their drink has been poured down by the oldest Chief in the land”, He added.

Present at the briefing were: Chief Solomon Agbagi, Chief Godfrey Gogoro, Chief Prince Aghomi, Chief London Akpanoko, Chief Avwenaghagha and others from the 3 sub-clan of the Idjerhe Kingdom.

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