Jos Community Faces Drinking Water Crisis: Residents Appeal for Government Intervention

In the hilly Zinaria community of Jos North Local Government Area in Plateau State, residents are facing a severe drinking water crisis.

Despite repeated appeals to the government over the past decade, no action has been taken to address the issue.

Children in the community are often seen trekking long distances to fetch water for their families, while water vendors struggle to reach their customers due to the challenging terrain.

Safiya Muhammad, a resident of the area, said, “Lack of drinking water is one of our major problems in this area.

Without water, you cannot enjoy life.” Hadiza Muhammed, another resident, added, “During every election period, you see people coming to seek our votes, but they rarely come to provide these essential amenities, especially water.”

Community leader Yusuf Ibrahim also expressed frustration, stating, “As a leader, I don’t know how many times we are expected to appeal to the government to provide us with drinking water before they respond.”

Residents have been facing a water crisis due to inflation and the rising cost of living, with sachet water now selling for N50.00 each.

The situation highlights the need for urgent intervention from the government to provide the community with access to clean and safe drinking water.

As the residents continue to struggle, they hope that their voices will finally be heard, and their basic needs will be met.

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