‘I’m Loyal to My Boss’: Bello El-Rufai Speaks on Brother’s Attack on Governor Sani

Bello El-Rufai, a member of the House of Representatives and son of the former Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, has distanced himself from his brother’s criticism of Governor Uba Sani.

In a recent town hall meeting, Governor Sani revealed that his administration inherited $587 million, N85 billion, and 115 contractual liabilities from the El-Rufai administration.

He also stated that the huge debts had not stopped his administration from meeting its contractual obligations.

Bashir El-Rufai, the younger brother of Bello, took to his X handle to berate Governor Sani for shying away from his responsibility by staying away from the state and residing in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

He also accused the governor of surrounding himself with a retinue of incompetent aides appointed for political patronage.

However, in a recent post via his X handle, Bello El-Rufai stated that he is loyal to Governor Uba Sani and will not criticize him publicly.

He emphasized that he was mentored by Governor Sani and given his first government job, and that he believes in the governor’s leadership.

Bello also addressed the issue of the financial constraints faced by the state, stating that it is the responsibility of leaders to work with what they have and improve it.

He praised the rural development being done in Kaduna State and called for transparency in the state’s financial condition.

Bello made it clear that social media attacks will not shake Governor Uba Sani and that criticism from certain individuals is to be expected for obvious reasons.

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