Idahosa Eulogies late Mother: Says if not for my mum I would have ended up as bandit or drug addict

By Nosa Obaze,

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo State, Hon. Charles Idahosa, who just lost his mother, Mrs. Comfort Ifueko Idahosa, has described the late octogenarian as his pillar of support, adding that if not for her strictness while bringing him up he would have ended up being a drug addict or bandit. 

Hon. Charles Idahosa

“In her life time, my mother was a notable politician and whatever that I have achieved today she made it possible. She stood by me.  My father was instrumental in my education and what my mother did was that she never took sides with me on issues between me and my dad. Whatever my father said was taken as a law.

“As a kid I was a rebel and I loved doing things in my own way. I grew up under the care of my uncle who was the Benin Anglican Bishop at that time. But I was not too keen to live with him because of the strict lifestyle that was obtainable under him.

“Rather, I wanted to live with my grandmother where I would have the freedom to do as I wish but my mum resisted it. I want other mothers to copy my mother’s attitude. You don’t pamper your child thinking that you are being nice.

“Any time I ran away from my uncle, my mother would send me back. If she has not been doing that by now I would have been dead or become a drug addict or bandit. Most of my mates who lived the kind of life I wanted to live then are dead or have not lived a meaningful life. For that I am grateful to her.

“My dad influenced my mother’s involvement in politics. He was a popular leader of the old action group. He later became a chieftain of the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN). He was a disciple of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. He was a leader in the then Benin East which today comprises of Urhonmwon, Ikpoba-Okha and Uhunmwode.

“On her own part, my mother was the women leader in the same axis between 1979 and 1983.

“As regards the positive comments Governor Obaseki made about her he was just stating the obvious considering that he grew up in this neighborhood and knew her well. So,  when he wanted to contest the governorship position he sought her support and she gave it to him promptly.

“She was like a mother to all my friends. Anybody she knows me with she automatically took such person as her child too.

“I will also remember her for always preparing my meals every day as if I still live with her. If she does not see me for a day or two she will call me to enquire what was happening.”

Speaking in a similar vein, Hon. Washington Osifo, a former Commissioner for Education in Edo State, recalled with nostalgia how the late Mrs. Idahosa on learning that he lost his mother at a tender age took her as a son and was showering him with love and care.

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