A’ Court Judgment: Delta PDP caught in the web of its own lies over chieftain audio leaks -Delta APC

The Delta State All Progressives Congress APC has reacted to the comments of the spokesperson of the Delta State Campaign Council of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 general elections, Barr. Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, that the now viral audio leak involving one its chieftain, is the handiwork of the Delta State APC, by dismissing the claims as a shallow and thoughtless diatribe of an individual obviously suffering from a severe case of delirium.

In what appears to be an earth shaking revelation, the Delta State PDP was caught pants down by audio leaks confessions of one of its chieftains that went viral days ago, allegedly believed to be that of Hon. Daniel Mayuku, a former member of the Delta State house of assembly, was boasting of how the Delta PDP was able to compromise the judges of the court of appeal into entering judgment in favour of the State Governor, Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori in the appeal filed by the APC candidate, Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege.

Hon. Daniel Mayuku, who is the newly appointed Chairman of the Delta State Security Trust Fund Committee and a well known chieftain of the PDP, had in a phone conversation, unknowingly nailed his party when he boasted in a recorded conversation of how the PDP through financial inducement and political subterfuge, had procured victory in the last court of appeal governorship judgement. The leaked dialogue has severely dazed PDP, as it fumbles in denial, while pointing accusing fingers at the APC for being responsible for its present predicament.

Also in the leaked audio, a voice allegedly believed to be that of Mayuku, gleefully added that the next phase of appeal at the supreme court would be a walk over, as the justices of the apex court are already in PDP’s pocket, and that the PDP was more afraid of the court of appeal, than the apex court. The viral audio, so far, has left the PDP in confusion, as it now runs from pillar to post, in an effort to mitigate the damaging effect of Mayuku’s confessions.

The contents of the said leaked conversation has totally rubbished the judgement that was delivered in favour of Gov. Sheriff Oborevwori at the court of appeal. The leaked audio did not only question the integrity of the appeal court, it stripped the judgement of its credibility and impartiality. Nigerians across the country and in all works of life have expressed frustration and anger over the leaked audio, with most of them wondering how democracy can be deepened if political actors continue to engage in fraudulent actions that are inimical to the smooth observance of democratic practices.

In the now viral audio, Hon. Daniel Mayuku, who is a lawyer, could be heard speaking in pigin English and partly in Itsekiri language. Unaware of being recorded, he threw caution to the wind, and revealed the clandestine tactics PDP adopted to procure the court of appeal judgement. According to him, they adopted different methods to reach the court of appeal judges, who had already written their judgement in favour of the APC flag bearer, Sen. Ovie Omo Agege. That through monetary inducement, connection in high places and threat of crippling oil production in Delta State, they were able to reverse the verdict.

The conservation, went thus, “… This one nah draw, una win this one… We are still going to supreme court… , As I talk to you now, I dey Abuja. Na him una carry 7 million dollars go. We get money reach una? We make them realise say, the country go scatter if them try am… We use connection. We dey come supreme court. Na supreme court self we dey… The only one we feared was appeal court…”

In response to the accusations by PDP spokesperson, Barr. Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, who alleged that the Delta APC was behind the Daniel Mayuku audio leak, Barr. Valentine Onojeghuo, APC State Publicity Secretary, dismissed the accusations as a figment of Latimore’s warped imagination, adding that the PDP spokesperson is known to usually bask in infantile journalistic sensationalism. He expressed dismay over the fabrication of blatant falsehood, and stated that the Delta PDP and its spokesman, are haunted by the ghost of their court judgements racketeering.

According to the APC Publicity Secretary, the Delta PDP was caught off guard by the damaging content of the leaked audio, which exposed the culpability of the party in its nefarious schemes of compromising court judges, “the PDP in Delta State has the sword of Damocles dangling over its head, because of the audio leaks. The party should own up to its involvement in the corrupt procurement of court rulings.

“The tepid attempt of Fred Latimore and the PDP to shift blame to the APC cannot fly. It is hilarious and puerile to see Latimore struggle with lies and attempt to blame the innocent. He knows the origin of the audio recording, but volte face lies and out right falsehood are some of his stock in trade. While he is busy defending an open secret, Hon. Daniel Mayuku, has admitted guilt and the genuineness of his gaffe as he expresses regrets over his flippancy”.

While reacting to the trending leaked audio in his verified Facebook account, Mayuku blamed an unnamed family member for the leakage, saying he was stabbed in back by a trusted brother. He wrote: ” it hurts so much when you are stabbed by a trusted brother.”

The Mayuku Facebook lamentations has received over a 100 sympathetic comments, one of such is that of a former APC State Secretary, who decamped to the PDP a few days to the general elections, Otunba Nick Ovuakporie. He wrote: “He will reap his actions of betrayal from Jehovah God. How could anyone mentally stable, record a harmless and brotherly conversation? it really hurts. However, be assured of Jehovah God’s reward for such people.”

According to Onojeghuo, the attempted defence of Mayuku by Fred Latimore, is reminiscent of a statement credited to late Chief MKO Abiola, who said that a man cannot shave his hair in his absence. The APC Scribe further stated that the Delta State APC is least surprised with Fred Latimore’s unguarded comments due to his penchant for spreading falsehoods and worthless propaganda.

The leaked audio recording is presently trending on all social media platforms, and has become a source of embarrassment to the Delta State PDP, with various groups demanding for a probe by relevant authorities and law enforcement agencies, to get to the bottom of the issue, as it has become a matter of national security by casting aspersions on the integrity and reputation of the judiciary.

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