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Group call on oil companies to commence full operation in the Niger Delta

By Akpos Oghenetega,

The Peace, Development, Security and Humanitarian Rights Association of Niger Deltans, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari, the Minister of State for Petroleum and the Group Managing Director, NNPC, to direct the International Oil & Gas Companies operating in the Niger Delta to resume full operation to avert numerous problems associated with the low key measure they are currently embarking upon.

The Group tasked the Federal Authority to have a rethink of the measure by allowing the companies to commence full operation provided they adhere to COVID-19 measures or protocols.

Comrade Mike JK Tiemo the group president who spoke in Port Harcourt Rivers State hinted that the call became paramount and imperative because of the reduced labour force which is already having a direct negative effect on the nation’s economy which is based on oil produced from the Niger Delta region.

According to Comrade Mike JK Tiemo, the humanitarian Activist and good governance advocate, if the situation is left unchecked, there will be increased hunger in the country which will consequently lead to angry masses that can lead to civil disobedience, chaos and anarchy, hence the need to reverse the partial work policy now.

Comrade Mike JK Tiemo advised that Mr. President, the Petroleum Minister and the NNPC Group Managing Director should look into the validity of this request so that most companies that are already indebted as a result of the sudden COVID-19 occurrence can resume their full operation to recoup what they lost during the total lockdown.

Tiemo the Group President explained that the resumption of the Oil companies in the Niger Delta will lead to a fresh campaign of commencement of projects as earlier slated on their annual budget before the outbreak of COVID-19.

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He stressed that full work resumption will impact on capacity building positively, human capital development, youth empowerment, employment, award of scholarships, community development etc for the overall interest of Nigerians.

Speaking further, Tiemo affirmed that if the call is adhered to, there shall be fresh drilling of oil wells that will boost the economy of the nation to avoid recession.

The Group President harped on the need for the oil companies to follow the COVID-19 protocols in their respective policies while a full operation is going on, adding that the companies already do not play with their safety measures.

Tiemo in his summation commended the effort of the Federal Government for all necessary measures taken to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic so that it can be absolutely erased from the country.

Bishop (Dr) Godwin Pinawei the Vice President, Comrade Luck Ohwahwa Ovigue, Secretary-General, Comrade Durojaiye Ogunsemore, PRO and Comrade Sunny and Anireto the assistance publicity secretary seized the opportunity to further urge the federal government to take necessary steps for the establishment for at least 79 modular refineries in the Niger Delta to avert the persistent fuel hike and scarcity of petroleum products and also to reduce reliance on import of refined petroleum products which have so much financial involvement on what is supposed to be used for capital projects to rejig our ailing economy.


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