Tinubu Declares Nigeria’s Turnaround, Pledges Effective Local Governance

In a recent address to a delegation of the Yoruba Leaders of Thought at the State House in Abuja, President Bola Tinubu announced that Nigeria has turned the corner and is no longer in a state of decline.
The President emphasized the importance of a more effective local government system that fosters community development and delivers the essentials of governance within a strengthened federal structure.
President Tinubu highlighted the challenges faced by his administration over the past 12 months, noting that despite these difficulties, his team has managed to stop the country from “bleeding” and is now working towards prosperity.
He assured the delegation that his government is committed to ensuring that every kobo spent is accounted for, and that the legacy of good governance will be passed down to future generations.
The President also called for a deepening of governance and the reinforcement of leadership across all levels of government and institutions.
He expressed his commitment to encouraging fiscal federalism and strengthening the system to enhance inclusion and equity for all Nigerians.
In his address, President Tinubu stressed the importance of local government administration and criticized any efforts to make the local government a unitary system by handing all core responsibilities to the federal government.
He argued that a federal system requires the states to take their responsibilities seriously and make the people the focus of their development plans.
The President also discussed the need for flexibility at the local government level due to the growing population and geographical requirements.
He emphasized the importance of investing in infrastructure across various sectors, including health, aviation, transportation, and education.

President Tinubu urged continuous support for and faith in Nigeria, assuring the delegation that his government would live up to expectations and work towards a prosperous future for the country.

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