Ritual killings, internet fraud is a sign of high moral decadence in society- Bishop Okoro

The General Overseer of Righteousness Preaching Mission international Incorporated, Benin, Bishop Dr. Sharp Okoro, has said that Ritual killings and internet fraud, popularly known as ‘Yahoo’ to make quick wealth by youths have been associated with high moral decadence in the society. 

Bishop Dr. Okoro who made this known at a Sunday service in his church in Benin; said that the ugly trend is occasioned by the failure of parents to train their children to be upright and engage themselves in ventures that will enable them to earn an honest living maintaining that parents celebrate their children’s success without asking questions.

” Ritual killings and internet fraud is popularly known as Yahoo go pari passau and it’s a signal that our society is experiencing a high level of moral decadence. Morality is dead and evil is being enthroned in a place of moral virtue. It has been established by recent cases of ritual killings that parents endorse the evil because you hear that they connive with one of their parents to carry out the evil act against a brother or a sister as the case may be.

The Bible says a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. But what we have today is children that leave an inheritance for their parents. They don’t live long because the Bible says that the wicked shall die in their prime of life.

Our society has degenerated to its lowest ebb that a child that has no job rides on a very expensive car and parents will come to church to give testimony that their child who does not work or have a company has acquired. Forgetting that the same juju will request for their life for their child to renew the ritual”.

Bishop Dr. Okoro who said he always urge his congregation to engage themselves positively stressed that the richest persons on earth today are those who able thought their way out of difficult situations and impacted the lives of their fellow man”.

While urging youths to give their lives to God and not to consider their circumstance hopeless he called on government to set up a body to crack those ritualists and internet fraudsters to restore morality in the society.

” I urge my congregation to look for honest means of livelihood instead of putting their fellowman in pains because they will reap whatever they sow. If they are too strong not to reap it in their lifetime their children will reap it in their time.

The richest people in the world today are not ritualists but thinkers looking for ways to impact lives positively. The youth of today should not consider their situation hopeless, give your lives to Christ and God will transform your life. Ask God for wisdom to make durable wealth. Wealth got too quickly die quickly”, he enthused.

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