Nigeria and Netherlands Collaborate for Peace and Food Security

Towards addressing Nigeria’s challenges in conflicts and food insecurity, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Benjamin Kalu, has called for increased collaboration and partnership with the Netherlands.

The aim is to foster economic growth and development while tackling these pressing issues.

During a meeting with the Ambassador of Netherlands to Nigeria, Wouter Plomp, the Deputy Speaker emphasized the importance of cooperation between the two countries in promoting peace and stability in Nigeria.

He highlighted the Netherlands’ contributions to reducing insecurity and its role in supporting peacebuilding initiatives in regions such as the North East.

Kalu stressed that addressing food security is a sustainable approach to achieving peace and security.

He mentioned his ‘Food for Peace’ initiative, which aims to provide food for the people.

Furthermore, he pointed out the potential for partnership in the value chain for processing and packaging of dairy products, given Nigeria’s large cattle herd and the Netherlands’ expertise in milk processing and dairy products.

The Netherlands has shown a strong commitment to Nigeria, with significant investments in various sectors, including oil and gas, manufacturing, and agriculture.

The two countries’ bilateral trade reached 7.7 billion Euros in 2022, with Nigeria enjoying a trade surplus of 5.2 billion euros.

The collaboration between Nigeria and the Netherlands in peacebuilding, food security, and other areas of mutual interest will not only strengthen the relationship between the two nations but also contribute to Nigeria’s overall development and stability.

As both countries work together, the world will be watching to see the positive impact of this partnership on the lives of the Nigerian people.

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