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LG Polls: Delta women protest, accuses Oborevwori’s Aide of robbing Okagbare of his ticket through backdoor

By Ovasa Ogaga,

Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) women in Agbarha-Otor, Ughelli North local government area have staged a peaceful protest against a Special Adviser to the Governor of Delta State, Hon. Charles Oniyere for allegedly singlehandedly supplanting party councillorship candidate, Mr Kenneth Okagbare with his cousin, who came second in the party primary.

The women draw from communities that make up Agbarha-Ward 2, chanting the song, “We nor go gree we nor go gree, Oniyere we nor go gree,” and carrying play cards with different inscriptions such as: “Oniyere we nor go gree”; “Agbarha Ward 2 wants Kenneth Okagbare,” ‘Oniyere give us who won the primary’ ‘Gov Oborevwori restore our mandate’ ‘PDP let our vote count’ and many others, marched through major streets in Agbarha-Otor and blocked the entrance to Hon. Oniyere’s compound.

They called on the state PDP leadership led by Olorogun Kinglsy Esiso and Governor Sheriff Oborovweri to urgently intervene and stop the injustice and broad day robbery being perpetrated by Hon. Charles Oniyere who is allegedly using the name of the governor to replace Mr. Kenneth Okagbare, who emerged as party councillorship candidate for Agbarha ward 2 in the primary election held on May 15 2024, Agbarha-otor town hall which Hon. Oniyere participated and signed the report.

The women wondered why Oniyere agreed with another party leader to conduct the party primary and allow aspirants, including his cousin, Mr. Collins Arhiakpore to waste money to consult leaders and delegates if he knew that he was going to subvert the will of the people, why allow the primary?

The women also accused Oniyere, a former Delta lawmaker of insertable greed which is pushing him to concede to himself and his extended family all appointments and councillorship slots for Agbarha ward 2, thereby undermining party chances in future elections.
According to a woman who simply identified herself as Mrs Tina Ogheneochuko, she said; “Oniyere is bringing shame to himself and the party leadership, he partook in the agreement to conduct primary for the aspirants, he partook in the voting process by inducing delegates with #50,000 each, he voted, and his sponsored candidate lost.

PDP women in Agbarha Ward 2 protesting against the injustice done to Mr Kenneth Okagbare
“Oniyere signed the primary election report that Okagbare KENNETH won the primary, he defended the victory and candidature of Okagbare KENNETH at Rt. Hon. Ovie Festus Agas’s place and Dr Chris Oharisi’s place, before he started this show of shame, to bring down himself.

“If nothing is done, we will boycott every election for Charles Oniyere, let see how he and his family members will deliver PDP in Agbarha Ward 2, we will not leave the party, but we will not participate in any election since we do not matter.

“Why use Okagbare’s name to get the councillorship slot from the Governor as the winner of the primary and then go behind to fix his cousin’s name? We all say no to this treacherous act and we will not allow him to destroy the party for us.

“This is a man who just left APC with the said Collins to meet us in PDP, we will not allow anybody to destroy what we have worked for over the years because of his greed and disregard for due process. So, those of us who have remained committed to PDP are now foolish, time shall tell, if indeed we are foolish for being loyal, na the party all of us go dey,” she added.

Produced below is the “Report of Ward Councillorship Primary” which Hon. Oniyere signed as one of the leaders before he attempted to subvert the will of the people.

PDP Agbarha Ward 2 primary election report signed by Hon. Oniyere and other party leaders


“We the faithful members of our great party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ward 2, Agbarha inform you that regarding your instructions relating to the upcoming local government elections, we met as a party on the 14 day of May 2024 on the Ward Headquarters and unanimously agreed to conduct a primary for all members of the party who are interested in becoming the Ward Councillor who would represent the Ward at the Council. In the said meeting, it was agreed that the primary should be held at Agharha-Otor Town Hall by 1:00 pm on the 15 day of May 2024. It was also agreed that the direct primary method be adopted.

“Consequent on the above, a total number of 3 persons namely; (1) Mr. Raphesi Areghor, [2] Mr. Kenneth Okagbare and (3) Mr. Collins Arhiakpore presented themselves for the primary/contest. The primary was conducted by Mr. Ejowake Agbubi and Mr. Emmanuel Esiri and supervised by (1) Daniel Emaye, Agbarha Federal Ward Chairman, and (2) Mr Mathias Ovbioghor, Agharha State Ward 2 Chairman, Elders and Leader’s Council.
“Produced below is the breakdown of the primary.

1. It was a delegate election which comprised of 1. All working committee members in the Ward, 2. All ward 2 executives, 3. Units chairmen, secretaries and women leaders.
2. The primary was held at the agreed venue and on the agreed date and time.
3. A total number of 44 persons were accredited.
4. A total number of 43 persons voted.
5. Kenneth Okaghare scored a total of 25 votes.
6. Collins Arhiakpore scored a total of 14 votes.
7. Raphael Areghor scored a total of 4 votes.


Agbarha-Otor women protesting against the replacement of Kenneth Okagbare as PDP candidate for Agbarha Ward 2 by Hon Oniyere with his cousins

“Based on the above, Mr. Kenneth Okagbare, having scored the majority valid votes was dated the winner and returned as such, therefore, he is the councillorship candidate of Agharha Ward 2, Ughelli North for the forth-coming local government elections.”

The report was signed by Mr Ejovwoke Agbubi-Returning Officer, Mr Emmanuel Esiri-Presiding Officer Hon. Daniel Emaye-Chairman, Agbarha Ward, Mr. Mathias Ovbioghor, Agharha State Ward 2 Chairman, Elders and Leader’s Council, Hon. Charles Oniyere-Leader, Agbarha Ward 2, Hon. Roland Oyibo-Leader, Agbarha Ward 2, Mrs. Roseline Ovbioghor-Chairman, Agbarha Ward 2, Barr Johnson Alibor-LGA Legal Adviser, Mr. Adayusu Onokuhefe-Secretary, Agbarha Ward 2, and six other copied Pastor Kesiena Nomuoja, PDP Chairman, Ughelli North, Chief Surv. Terry Noah Chairman, PDP Leaders & Elders Council Ughelli North, Chief Dr. Chris Oharisi, Secretary PDP Leaders & Elders Council Ughelli North, Rt. Hon. Festus Ovie Agas PDP Leader, Ughelli North, Chief Sir. Fred Majemite, PDP Leader, Ughelli North, Mr. Robinson Ighorodje Chairman, PDP Leaders & Elders Council Agbarha Ward.
When contacted on the phone for his reactions, Hon. Oniyere told our correspondent that he doesn’t talk to the press on the phone, “Please I don’t talk to the press on the phone if you want to speak to me, try and meet me,” and when asked when and where can they meet, he cut off the call.

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