Israel committed to deepening relations with Nigeria, advance technologies

By Fortune Abang

Israel is committed to deepening its bilateral relations with Nigeria in advancing entrepreneurial innovations and technologies.

Ambassador of Israel to Nigeria, Michael Freeman,  made this known in his address at the 75th independence anniversary ceremony of the Israel  statehood on Tuesday night in Abuja.
The. event was organised by the Israeli embassy to commemorate the birth of the modern state of Israel and democracy since the official declaration by Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister on May 14, 1948.
The ambassador said that since independence, Israel has built modern technology and innovation in agriculture, cyber, health, education, homeland security, and many more that top lead globally.
“We are excited to work with the president-elect, Sen. Bola Tinubu, in his administration to advance these issues and many more.
“For 60 years, Israel and Nigeria worked together in many different fields, in recent years Innovation Fellowship for Aspiring Inventors and Researchers (I-FAIR) has been flagship of our programmes.
“The first two edition of the the programme for Nigerian entrepreneurs provided young Nigerians mentorship and tools needed to take their ideas from theories to practical.
“Many I-FAIR graduates now have various businesses with fellow Nigerians contributing to economic growth of this country.
“Our third edition of I-FAIR is launched today, we want young Nigerian entrepreneurs and innovators to apply.
“At the end of this year, we shall hold our first technology investment conference in Abuja, to bring together our technology experts from both countries.”
Freeman described Israel as a world leader in agro-based technology and water management  through innovative approach in climate  change, saying the country would hold its maiden agric, water and climate change technology conference in 2024.
The envoy assured that such initiatives through commitment and deeper bilateral relations with Nigeria would ensure brighter future for the young generation and even, those yet unborn.
In separate interview at the event, the Minister of Women Affairs, Pauline Tallen, commended Freeman’s call on the need for Israel-Nigeria to deepen their ties.
“I believe by deepening our diplomatic relations with Israel we stand to gain a lot, because Nigeria is blessed with many natural potential, as far as tourism is concerned, agriculture and. many others.
“As long as we instill discipline, such discipline that Israel instilled in whatever thing it is doing, as a disciplined country whatever Israelis do, they do it with all their mind.
“If Nigerians will put their mind to develop our tourism potential, we stand to gain a lot and get other countries to gain from what we are blessed with.,” Tallen said.
On his part, Sen. Elisha Abbo,  who represents Adamawa North senatorial district underscored the need to tackle corruption, to achieve meaningful growth.
“You cannot compound the achievements of Israel in one day, in terms of agricultural revolution, weapon, security and many things.
“We have a lot to learn from Israel as a nation, what we as a nation must begin to do is to fight corruption.
“The biggest enemy Nigeria has today is corruption, if we have to rebuild our own country Nigerians have to fight against corruption,” he said.

High point of the event which attracted notable personalities from all works of life was “Tararam”

drum and dance sensation performance.
The nomination for third edition of i-FAIR innovation and entrepreneurship hubs, incubators and programmes started from May 16, to June 10, 2023.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that bilateral trade volume between Israel and Nigeria stands at between 200 million dollars and 250 million dollars yearly.
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