CBN, NMDPRA, NUPRC, others, glean insights on winning in turbulent times

By Abigael Joshua

TEXEM a renowned learning platform for executives and organizations in the UK, recently concluded a highly successful two-day customized executive development programme titled “Winning in Turbulent Times.”

The executive development programme occurred on the July 12 and July 13, at The Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Top executives from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Megalectrices Limited, Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC), Zenith Pensions Custodian Limited, Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA), and the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Plc. attended the programme.

The programme aimed to equip leaders with essential skills and strategies to navigate and succeed in challenging business environments.

The programme began with and introduction of TEXEM by the Founder and Chair of TEXEM UK, Dr Alim Abubakre.

This was followed by an enlightening session by Prof. Kabir Tahir, Dean Faculty of Management Sciences, Bayero University Kano, titled “Challenges, Risk, and Opportunities – The Nigerian Context.”

Tahir shared insights into the unique challenges leaders face in Nigeria and highlighted the potential risks and opportunities that arise in such contexts.

The session provided a comprehensive understanding of the Nigerian business landscape and set the stage for subsequent discussions.

Prof. Rodria Laline, a distinguished leadership development and governance expert, took the stage to discuss “Critical Skills that Leaders Need to Win.”

Laline outlined the key competencies leaders require to thrive in turbulent times, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, resilience, and effective decision-making.

Her session provided valuable guidance to the delegates on enhancing their strategic and leadership abilities.

Abubakre delivered a thought-provoking presentation on “Leading in Volatile Times,” shedding light on the strategies and mindset needed to lead successfully amidst volatility and uncertainty.

He emphasized the importance of agility, innovation, and effective communication in navigating turbulent situations.

In another session led by Laline, titled “Strategic Leadership in an Age of Disruption,” the delegates learned how to develop strategic thinking and innovative approaches to tackle disruptions in the business environment.

She shared real-world examples and encouraged interactive discussions to explore actionable strategies for dealing with disruptions.

A panel session featuring Laline and Tahir, moderated by Abubakre, provided an opportunity for in-depth discussions on various leadership topics.

The panelists delved into the nuances of winning strategies and governance dynamics within organizations.

Delegates actively participated, contributing their perspectives and experiences, which enriched the dialogue.

To reinforce the concepts learned throughout the day, the programme organizers incorporated an engaging game, a multiple-choice question-based educational assessment.

The game assessed the delegates’ understanding of the discussed concepts in a gamified manner.

The first day concluded with the game and the presentation of gifts to the winners.

Each session throughout the day also included interactive discussion sessions, where delegates were encouraged to apply the strategies and concepts learned.

They shared insights on strategies that worked and those that failed, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The second day began with Tahir’s session on “Examples of Strategies That Work and Others That Fail in the Public and Private Sectors in Turbulent Times.”

The professor showcased real-life case studies and drew lessons from successful and failed strategies in navigating challenging environments.

The session provided delegates with valuable insights to inform their future decision-making processes.

Laline returned with her expertise in “Winning Strategies Irrespective of the Context,” guiding the delegates in developing effective strategies that transcend specific circumstances.

She emphasized the significance of understanding and leveraging core business principles to achieve sustainable success.

Continuing her valuable contributions, Laline also shared insights on “Winning Strategies in a Digital Age,” highlighting the increasing importance of digital transformation and innovation.

Her session explored the intersection of technology and strategy, equipping delegates with the necessary knowledge to harness the digital landscape for organizational growth.

In addition to these sessions, Laline addressed the critical issue of cyber security, discussing its implications for leaders and organizations.

The session emphasized the importance of proactive measures and risk mitigation strategies in protecting against cyber threats.

Similar to the previous day, a panel session chaired by Abubakre brought together Laline and Tahir, allowing for robust discussions on leadership challenges and strategies.

The panelists shared their expertise, responded to delegate questions, and further enriched the learning experience.

Once again, the programme organizers incorporated an engaging game to assess and reinforce the knowledge gained on the second day.

The interactive game ensured active participation from the delegates and enhanced their understanding of the concepts discussed.

The programme culminated with a certificate presentation, acknowledging the delegates’ successful completion of the two-day immersive learning experience.

The participants expressed their satisfaction with the programme, highlighting its eye-opening nature, comprehensive coverage of strategy development, and insights into effective governance dynamics within boards.

“Winning in Turbulent Times” provided an invaluable platform for leaders to acquire critical skills, develop winning strategies, and explore governance dynamics in challenging business environments.

The programme fostered extensive networking opportunities, allowing delegates to connect with like-minded professionals and unlock shared value.

Chidinma Obiejesi, Group Head, Human Resources, Megalectrices Limited has the following to say on the two-day experience:

“Winning In Turbulent Times” has been an eye-opener, talking about strategies, how to develop strategies, from strategies that failed, and then identifying those winning strategies.

“We also went through the governance dynamics of the board and how to make an effective board.”

“Looking at TEXEM, I think they are doing a great job. The knowledge, and the faculty, are quite top-notch. The ambience, and the environment, are good for learning.

“So thank you, TEXEM, and I see that we’re going places and would be able to continue to deploy knowledge that would be quite useful to our environment and to the globe generally”.

Dauda Ardo Adamu, Head, Human Resources, Nigerian Security Printing & Minting Plc. said he was impressed with the organizers of the training programme adding that whatever TEXEM organized in the UK was replicated in Nigeria.

Steve Ayuba, Chief of Staff to the Chief Executive Officer, NMDPRA, made the following remarks:

“This is my fifth executive capacity building programme with TEXEM. What I’ve consistently seen is the commitment to delivering high value in every area of capacity development that TEXEM has chosen.

“Between yesterday and today, I have, again, like I’ve always done in other training, in other capacity development programmes of TEXEM, learned exceptionally new context in leadership and strategy development, and like it’s always been.

“In the two days, the networking opportunities that I’ve been able to use are very extensive. So thank you to TEXEM.

“I would say keep up doing what you’re doing because you’re truly creating exceptional value for African organizations and government entities like us.”

As for Awodun Mojisola
Head, Human Resources
Zenith Pensions Custodian Limited, she stated:

“The programme I found to be very stimulating and very enlightening. The concepts that I learned, I know, and I believe that it’s going to be very impactful in my work.

“I am returning to my organization better than I came in. I thank TEXEM for this very exciting training. I got to learn of TEXEM through our directors, that have attended previous training.


“And what I saw here for the two days has really, really improved me a long way. And I think TEXEM is doing very great in that area.”

Abel Nsa, Director, National Oil & Gas Excellence Centre, NUPRC remarked:

“The TEXEM programme, which is the second or the third one I’ve attended, has always been a remarkable programme.

“It’s based on the fact that most of what they use are scenario situations. For instance, in “Winning In Turbulent Times”, you would agree with me that the oil and gas industry is going through turbulent times.

“The PIA provides a transition for the industry, and we’ve used close to two decades to develop the PIA 2021. However, as the law is coming out, the global industry tells you that fossil fuel is going out of relevance. So this becomes a problem.

“Things like ESG parameters in developing fossil fuels are also taking centre stage. So coming into TEXEM, one of the things that was taken today, for instance, was the ESG.

“How do you manage ESG in light of geopolitical issues, governance, trilemma, and the rest of them?

“Professor Rodria’s evaluations of case studies have always been very, very practical. On a scale of One to 10, I would always take TEXEM at number 10, especially based on what we’ve seen so far;
And these are exact industry issues.

“Turbulent times, as you’ve seen that Nigeria is also going through this transition turbulence. And so all this comes to bear that, yes, we’re dealing with an organization that’s relevant in today’s world and bringing in all that knowledge to bear.

“And so it’s quite a remarkable organization. So TEXEM will be good on my lips for recommendations going forward.”


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