Akpabio condemns discrimination against Nigerians in diaspora, calls for unity and cooperation

Senate President Godwill Akpabio has condemned the widespread discrimination against Nigerians living in other countries, saying that the life of every Nigerian matters a lot.

The Senate instructed its committees on Diaspora and Foreign Affairs to examine the offences and conditions that relate to the predicament of 250 Nigerians incarcerated in Ethiopia, and he gave this statement on that occasion on Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

Akpabio urged the relevant authorities of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to take the lives of Nigerians very seriously, both in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

He said that, as with all democratic institutions, there are concerns at various levels of governance, while dissent and differing opinions are integral to the democratic process.

He said the numerous national challenges required unity, cooperation, and commitment towards improving the lives of all Nigerian citizens.

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