2023: Edevbie Is A Round Peg In A Round Hole

By Ukane Godwin,

As the clock ticks, every second towards 2023, the average Deltan is praying to God to give them a man whose drive is centred similarly on development like the incumbent governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa to take over the mantle of leadership.


Though days are early, the feelings of the ordinary Deltans have been expressed by the leader of Delta Youth and Women Alliance, Comrade John Unuefepha who identified the current Chief of Staff to Delta State governor, Olorogun David Edevbie as the best choice for Deltans.


The lovable comrade went further to say that some politicians in the state have a dirty habit of tarnishing people’s hard-earned reputations but that such individuals know they will not succeed in this case. They are only seeking relevance so that they will remain perpetually in the mainstream of what they deem business of governance.


Word on the street is that Olorogun Edevbie is the man to beat and many medieval and benighted politicians of different political persuasions are already running scared. As a result, they have commenced a crude campaign of calumny in the press and social media with the sole aim of attempting to destroy his credibility. After working in Delta State for almost two decades some now suddenly claim he is not Urhobo but Isoko, he is ‘too proud’ (whatever that means) and will be another Obaseki, he is not a grass root politician etc. These are all laughable commentaries from evidently poorly schooled minds.


This obvious, poorly hatched de-marketing strategy will not work. The people of Delta State are now much wiser and know better. They know that the likes of Gbagi, who are touting themselves as potential successors of Okowa from the Delta Central Senatorial district to which PDP has zoned the next slot can’t match Edevbie’s intellectual capacity, work experience and detribalised nature. That is why they have resorted to dirty tactics. Suffice to note, that Edevbie, a shining star cannot be buried under lies and the truth will always prevail.


Deltans want real progress and development and not platitudes, prebendalism and deceit from political dinosaurs of questionable backgrounds and track record. Deltans can and will do the right thing to the chagrin of these traducers when the time is right.


Today, our amiable Governor Ifeanyi Okowa with Edevbie is focused on building a stronger Delta which everyone can see in the various on-going projects. For example,

Delta State Capital City Development Agency and Warri/Uvwie Development Agency are examples of agencies that will develop modern cities for Delta state.


Looking at the drive to place Delta state among the top economies of Nigeria, it is evident that an individual with high intellectual capacity is required to take over the baton from Okowa at the appropriate time to further fast track development. Anything short of this would be a self-inflicted calamity that could set the state back for years.

Supporters of Edevbie know that government is primarily about the management of financial and human resources.


The fact that Edevbie was appointed Commissioner of Finance three times by different administrations demonstrates his financial acumen and trustworthiness.  The fact that he resigned at the end of his second sojourn also speaks volumes of his character.


As an individual trained home and abroad, he has a strong affinity for managing human resources having done so at the State and Federal Government levels as Principal Secretary to former President Yaradua. He has been prepared by divine fate to build upon the achievements of the incumbent Governor of Delta state in this direction.


At this juncture, it is worth mentioning that Olorogun David Edevbie is a full indigene of Afiesere community in Ughelli North Local Government of Delta state. Though, the grandmother (Paternal) hails from Isoko in Delta state.


The former Commissioner demonstrated his love for his people by attracting three signature projects – Ughelli dualisation project from Otovwodo junction through the main city to Ekiugbo junction, the Ughelli/Ogor Ultra-modern market and the reconstruction of Amekpa-Afiesere-Ofuoma Road ( also through Afiesere junction). These are multi-billion naira projects that endeared him to his people.


Judging from his wealth of experience and penchant for development, the people of Delta State are daily praying for the time to come in 2023 to demonstrate their love for their detribalised son. It is therefore essential to impress on those politicians whose sole business is to attempt a pull him down (PHD) on Edevbie to think twice as the fast-moving train to 2023 and beyond will have little space for detractors.


In conclusion, the clarion call on Olorogun David Edevbie is reverberating across the three Senatorial Districts to continue the good work of Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa is already doing. It is unstoppable as it is the will of the people.


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