`On-air-personalities catalyst for socioeconomic development-Official

By Dorcas Jonah

The Co-founder of Nigeria Radio Awards, Mr Williams Archibong, has described ‘On-Air- Personalities’ (OAPs) in Nigeria as catalyst for socio-economic development

Archibong said this at a news conference and official unveiling the Nigerian Radio Awards (NRA) in Abuja on Monday in Abuja.

He said OAPs deserved recognition for their role in providing unsolicited support for Nigerians.

Archibong said that there will be award 30 categories which included: best musical programme, best documentaries programme, best morning radio programme, and best Night radio programme.

Others are, Best news presenter male/female, Most played male, female and religious songs, most educative radio programme and most innovative/ informative programme

”The selection process will be based on merit which will be open for radio listeners to vote for their favourite OAPs,’ he said

Archibong said over 100 registrations have been secured, adding that radio stations are also registering currently.

He said after registration, there would be two months period for voting which would give them the desired reward.

Archibong said that some of the gifts items for the award include: car, houses among others.

Archibong said that OAPs have made many Nigerians who listen to their programmes focus and get direction in life.

He said that the news conference was aimed at bringing to the consciousness of Nigerian radio listeners, the need to make deliberate efforts to appreciate them.

Archibong said OAPs contributions to national development couldn’t be quantified because, they render invaluable service to the socio-economic development

”OAPs role prepares the psychological balance of many radio listeners, serves the Nigerian social sphere and wellbeing of the public and provide them direction on daily basis to face their day.

”They share some life experiences that you relate with and it gives you the kick to get going,” he said

Archibong said the role of OAPs go a long way to ease tension and depression from most Nigerians.

”One most important thing is that their role take you off depression and provide hope to many Nigerian listeners may be depressed and need some words of encouragement

”They are on air, talking on how to overcome life’s challenge. How can you quantify that kind of support?

” Such counsel encourages persons who have been beaten down and almost given up in life with no one available to listen to their challenges but are met with unsolicited radio counselor.

”Their advices re-energise these group of persons to face life again and become conquerors, hence the need for the OAPs to be recognised for their impactful role in the society,” Archibong said.


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