Jimmy Odukoya Urges Women to Support Their Husbands: A Biblical Perspective

Nigerian clergyman Jimmy Odukoya shared his thoughts on the role of women in marriages, emphasizing the importance of supporting their husbands.

Drawing from his interpretation of the Bible, Odukoya explained that women were created to be helpers to their husbands, rather than simply being dependent on them.

Odukoya’s message is a timely reminder for couples to prioritize the foundation of a strong marriage: mutual support and partnership.

As a society, we often focus on the wedding day and the excitement of being a bride, but it is equally important to remember the responsibilities and commitment that come with the role of a wife.

In his sermon, Odukoya explained that women should be equipped to help their husbands and work together to build a strong family.

He said, “The woman was created to be a helper and not a dependent, and you cannot help anybody if you are not equipped yourself.

If he is bringing the table, you should bring the chair. If he is bringing the seed, you are telling him where to plant it in the soil.”

This message is an essential reminder that marriage is a partnership, and both partners need to contribute to the success of the relationship.

A strong marriage requires love, commitment, and support from both parties. By working together and supporting each other, couples can build a strong foundation for a happy and fulfilling life together.

In conclusion, Jimmy Odukoya’s message is a call for women to embrace their role as helpers to their husbands and work together to build a strong and loving marriage.

By prioritizing support and partnership, couples can create a solid foundation for a happy and fulfilling life together.

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