Why Governor Okowa must dissolve the Delta State Direct Labour Agency now


By Omes Ogedegbe, Esq. —-

Frank Enekorogha

I must be very modest in my letter to you in view of the undeniable fact that you are the first citizen of the state until the contrary. The letter has become necessary owing to the lack of visionary leadership pattern that have bedevilled this administration that could be likened to a bus been driven by a drunk driver heading the wrong direction with the avalanche of passengers as sycophants urging him on.

Otherwise how do one explain it that in Delta state an agency (DLA) receives allocation more than most ministries in the state for the purpose or repairs and rehabilitation of state roads while the chairman resumes in his office at will possibly to drink tea and share the allocation in line with the governor’s disbursement formulae our roads are fast wearing off.

For the purpose of reference the NPA express Road has become a one track lane as the lane leading to NPA from DBS is terribly bad likewise the adjoining leading to the Eagle roundabout from Ugbowagwe.

The Otokutu/Egbo Road is fast becoming an abandoned project as a visit to the area leaves an impression of a town with boundary disputes likewise the Uti Street that links the popular PTI road which makes one wonder if these areas are part of our state.

The face of Delta i.e the Effurun roundabout by the state shopping mall is an apology beside others, too numerous to mention. Sadly, outside Warri cum Effurun and environs is no better as who would have imagined that Asaba the state capital will still be a fading shadow.

The only Road Frank Enekorogha the D.G of the agency is constructing presently only leads to his abandoned Okwukokor hotel in Okpe local government area that’s all. Mr. Governor have you not wondered while past governors/political office holders are afflicted with terminal diseases this no doubt is as a result of negative prayers for diversion of their collective wealth.

While continue to pay Frank Enekorogha and his jobless crew for doing nothing while we suffer their non performance. This is practical do not rely on your cyber employees. I challenge you to take a trip and you will pity Deltans and while you do that don’t read newspapers or make phone calls so that you can observe and see you have truly failed in providing this basis necessity as while you were not able to improve on roads situation and also have not been able to sustain them. If this trend continues you cannot justify the salaries and allowances that you are receiving as a governor.

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