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TV Star storms off set after presenter pulls down her top exposing her breast live

A Spanish Tv star, Yola Berrocal toady stormed out of a live show in the middle of an interview when the presenter gestured with his hand, pulling down her dress exposing her breast on the open.woman-storms-off-set-after-presenter-pulls-down-her-top-live-on-air

A clip of a Spanish TV star storming off a live TV show after the host exposed her breast has gone viral on the social media.

The 46-year-old – who was once known for having the largest boobs in Spain – was left with her left breast exposed for a number of seconds before she realised what had happened.

The horrified celebrity then desperately pulled her top back, but the ordeal wasn’t over for her yet.

However, those watching the clip said it was the host rather than Yola who should be ashamed. One said: “Personally I respect and support her because she tried to keep her honour.

“I don’t respect the other people in this studio.” While another added: “What he did wasn’t funny, if she had belted him one he’d have deserved it.”

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