Sapele road dualization and Asaba airport upgrade, monumental fraud-Delta APC …Says PDP 16yrs legacy is organize looting


By Onitsha Shedrack


The Deputy state chairman, the All Progressives Congress (APC), Delta State, Dr. Cyril Ogodo, has described the Sapele road dualization project, the dismantling of BRT lane project in Warri and the Asaba airport upgrade is a monumental fraud and a conduit for stealing the state money.Dr. Cyril Ogodo, Deputy state chairman, APC, Delta State

Dr. Ogodo while addressing journalists on the state of affairs in Delta state, stated that the PDP led government in Delta, has entered into an oath not to develop the state, noting that what PDP has to show as achievement in the past 16 years is stealing and organized looting of the state resources.

When asked to comment on the state of Asaba airport upgrade project, he has this to say: “Don’t even go there! Please forget this PDP government in Delta state; it is a government of fraud. Recently I went to Uyo, Akwa-Ibom and when I saw the level of development in Uyo, I was astonished and I praise the then PDP government in that state.

“Coming back to Delta state, it is an eyesore, with the huge resources that have accrued to the state in the past 16 years; no remarkable development can be seen. The mission of PDP in Delta is to kill, steal and destroy, that is the oath they have entered into, nothing more.”

“If you know how much Uduaghan spent on that arena called airport, you will weep for Delta state. Any time they want to steal money is the Asaba airport they use as conduit. Don’t forget that this same airport Uduaghan woke up from a bad dream one day and spent N7billion to level plan ground in the name of hill. Is it not laughable that each time they keep stealing money in the name of an airport? Don’t be surprised to hear soon that the N5billion loan is for consultancy service, this is Delta and strange things happen here.

Dr. Ogodo also took a sweep on the ongoing Sapele road dualization project as another fraud; “fraud in a higher dimension; this road that the Ogbemudia government constructed with good drains which have stood the taste of time, drains with good slabs and you are covering drains that already has slabs and you are saying that N2.4billion is to be expended on it, is very unfortunate.

“They believe that nobody will ask them questions; so they are continuing in their act of impunity. I want to assure them that there will be a day of reckoning if not here on earth, but before God, and soon we will see it in Delta State. The Sapele road project is open stealing of the Delta people’s money in the name of project.

“If you go to the airport now there is no sign that anything is happing there. All these are geared to milking the state dry. The stealing that is going on in Delta state since 1999 can only be describe as monumental stealing, shameless and senseless stealing, that is people stealing their own thing. It is sickening the level of stealing that is going on in Delta, and this new government is not exempted.”

He also question the rational is using N2.6 billion to dismantle a BRT project that the state have spent about N6billion on without calling to question those behind the failed project, saying that PDP government in the state is wasteful.

“What is it that Uduaghan did in that place that Okowa is now spending another N2.6billion to remove? As a responsible and responsive government one would have expected the Okowa led government to ask Uduaghan some question why the project failed, but as you know Delta State, is not a sane society anything goes here.

“Rather ask questions and bring people to book for squandering about N6billion on that fictitious project, you are now want to spend another N2billion to dismantle it; what do you call that, is it not a government of waste? Is there any sense in what they are doing there? Go and look at the road now, you can’t pass the road and this is a government that has been in Delta State for 16years, and the most important road in Warri is not motorable.

“Though am not surprise at their actions, they want to continue to steal and loot our money so they are devising new means, but this looting of the state must come to an end soon; because we the progressives will not allow them to continue unchecked.

He added that, “this is a state that can’t pay state civil servant as at when due, local government workers are being owned 9 months salaries and workers are dying out of frustrations, because most of them can’t feed and their children are sent out of school. Yet Okowa led insensitive government is wasting N2.6 in removing Uduaghan’s rubbish called BRT. What a shame. It is very unfortunate that we don’t have what could be called government in Delta State.”

Dr. Ogodo however, called on Deltans to be steadfast and be prayerful, that God in His infinite mercy will disgrace the PDP in Delta State as he did at the national come 2019.



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