Sales of Delta Line: Gangsters plunder Delta beyond recognition- Emmanuel

——–By Shedrack Onitsha———-


Deltans and Nigeria continues to express shock following the controversy that trail the shoddy sale of 60% equity of the state owned Delta Transport Services Limited (Delta Line) to GIG Transport Development Company Limited (God Is Good Motors) for N161 million.

Delta Line Buses

The company which true value is about N5billion, following the investment by Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan led administration to the tune of N4.5 billion was allegedly devalued to N650million and was handed over to GIG Motors for mere N161m.

Media report has it that as a resulted of the equity transfer by the Delta state government, no fewer than 730 direct workers of Delta Line will be sacked, without payment of compensation, thereby compounding the already terrible unemployment situation in the state.

Reacting to this development in a comment, Mr Emmanuel Aghogho stated that, “Delta state is the most horrible state in Nigeria. The three Governors since 1999 have made the state and its people the most docile in the whole of Africa.

“Unfortunately, that state has some of the best brains, business men and women, media practitioners and Lawyers in Nigeria, but have all left the gangsters to plunder it beyond recognition.

He added that, “Delta state may never recover from the total degradation of her assets and infrastructures and mortgage of future earning into the next fifty years.

On his part, a man simply identified as Gary has this to say; “If history is anything to go by, governors in Delta come in and look for something to sell and keep the proceeds. With Ibori, it was Vmobile, with Uduaghan, it was simply the state’s treasury and now with Okowa, it is Delta line.

‘This guy is already looking very sickly; he may not live long enough to enjoy the proceeds of this heist! Yes, it is a heist of epic proportions to sell Delta line for less than half a million dollars. Think of all the landed properties Delta line has. The land alone, often in very strategic locations is worth 10 times the selling price!

Meanwhile another commentator Primo Compatriot reacted thus: “Just when I thought there was no way I could be surprised ever again in this country, SR pops up with this kind of news!

“How can one not honor a bid worth N2 Billion (plus job security for 730 of your citizens) and opt for N161 Million that will spell job loss for 730 citizens and a lot of ill will … Hmmmm, if this is really true, irrespective of whether or not the comparison is an apple vs orange one, our mumu wear suit I swear!”

Nuhu Keita stated that; “Selling a government corporation that worth billions of Naira for only N161m is corruption.

“I can bet my last Kobo on it that the GIG Motors is paying for the purchase with Delta state money.

‘Do ya see how Okowa is prodigally ripping off the people of Delta state both ways? Okowa is James Ibori’s apprentice.

“And the dumbos are crying blaming everything on PMB. When they are not crying of hunger, they are crying “resume or resign”.

“Let see Charly Boy and Jim Iyke take their protesting gimmickry to Asaba. Efulefu! Una mumu never do at all.” He added.

However, Delta State Government has explained its decision to sell part of its equity stake in Delta Transport Services Limited, saying that the company failed to be commercially viable.

The government added that because of its nonviable nature, the state government was injecting capital into the company from time to time as a way of support because of its unique position as the only government-owned and branded transport company.

A statement by the State Commissioner for Information, Mr. Patrick Ukah, revealed that the state government in the past invested heavily in the company through the provision of 160 brand new Toyota Hiace Buses, 76 brand new Toyota Corolla Cars and other incentives in cash or kind.

It added that unlike others who benefitted from the allocation of the government buses, Delta Line never remitted any revenue to the state government, instead the company was riddled with debts made up of salaries and wages of staff, allowances and claims of staff, contractors, and supplier’s obligations.


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