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I read with utmost amazement the unfounded and baseless write up, purportedly written by one faceless and inconsequential being, called Edafe Emanure, and which they are circulating in the social media, mostly, Facebook and APC Wasapp groups, tiled “Chief Felix Anirah’s followers dump him; Pledge loyalty to Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege.”

Chief Felix Anirah


Ordinarily, I would have ignored the writer and his sponsors without dignifying them with a response, but lies if left unchallenged will begin to assume the colouration of truth. And also, in order to disabuse the minds of many gullible APC leaders and members that might have bought this fictitious material cooked in APC usual lying style; presented as facts, we decided to set the record straight.   


It is a fact, that as the 2015 House of Assembly Candidate of the APC in Sapele LGA, I scored over 7000 votes, the highest vote scored by any APC House Assembly candidate in 2015 election in Delta state. This effort came even with the open betrayal of some of the party chieftain in Sapele who collected money and in some cases; we even provided security for them, yet they could not come out to vote on the Election Day or support the party; but like the cowards that they are, hid their heads between their legs while the election lasted.


So, when we said that we were going back to Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with about 5000 of our followers, we were not lying to Deltans, rather were being modest with the figures we gave out, because since after the 2015 general elections, we have labored to build and expand our political base in Sapele and beyond.


So, it’s laughable and it shows the state of mind of Edafe Emanure and his sponsors when he stated that; “Finally the D-Day came, January 4Th 2019, the PDP secretariat was packed full with PDP faithful from across the state, as the governor, Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa was personally present, to receive Chief Felix Anirah and his huge crowd of supporters.


“Unfortunately, they got the shock of their lives, as his supporters abandoned him and remained with the All Progressives Congress. A situation we gathered made Governor Okowa to be very disappointed and angry with those leaders who fed him with such lies, that with Chief Anirah’s defection, APC will die a natural death.” This is a lie from someone who may be sick, but he is yet to know it. Because if he is in the right frame of mind, he would not have cooked up this unfounded assertion, the report of how delighted the Governor was on that day was reported in all major News media in the country.


If the leadership of APC in Sapele wants to be true to themselves; they know that what is left of the party in Sapele is a mere carcass, but they will not come out openly to acknowledge this before the public, because APC to most of them is their Meal Ticket and to state otherwise, would have amounts to self liquidation. But in due course, we shall expose them so that men of goodwill will know that they are wolfs in sheep clothes, because their game is up.


It’s also a fact that none of our followers who worth its onions politically will remained in the APC or has gone back to the APC. Let assume without conceding that one or town are still in the APC, we should know that we are in free society and that in every human settings, those who are governed by their stomach will defiantly not be committed to a course, so in that case, one or two inconsequential fellow may still be with them because of the position they hold in APC.


On that faithful day, we mobilized our supporters across all the Units, Wards and communities in Sapele LGA, and in Elume axis alone, we sent over 30 buses to bring people, we also brought people from Amukpe, Ogorode, Ugberikoko and Ghana axis, outside those who are mobile that came with their vehicles, all these people were not induced to come, they left their businesses to come in solidarity because they believe in us.

While we were in the APC, the party won both in my unit and the Ward in the 2015 elections, however, in the local government election held recently, APC lost out and PDP won in my unit and ward, we shall repeat this results again in bother the governorship and houses assembly election come 2019, we are not just boasting, we shall walk the talk. And before APC wakes up from their self-induced crisis, we would have won over anybody that matters politically in Delta state who is still with them.

Since the writer in his rapped imagination had claimed that some of my key followers had gone back to APC or failed to follow me to PDP, because they are honourable men, one would have expected that the fictitious writer and his sponsors would be honourably enough to give out the names of those he allegedly claimed has gone back to APC, or are they also faceless without a name?

It’s also amazing how crooked this writer and his APC sponsors can be, we know that APC thrives on elevated propaganda, but we never imagined that they could go to this length to twist facts to suit their purpose, if not, how could one construct such myth that I left APC to PDP,   “Because PDP offered to give me the Assembly ticket for 2019?

I went back to the PDP with my followers with no conditions attached, and those who have turned themselves to agents of falsehood and tale bearer, should look for another pass time. The Delta state PDP Chairman, Chief Barr. Kingsley Esiso, is well and alive, those who care can confirm from him. We left APC because the party has failed to deliver at the national level in all its campaign promises, and is engulfed in irreconcilable crisis in Delta state, leaving the party lifeless.

I also pity their new leader, because leaders succeeds when you have committed followers, not people who their only interest in party politics, as we have seen in APC in Sapele is to satisfy their hunger and greed. Leadership is possible when you have people who to a large extent share the same ideas, but sadly the APC in Sapele, cum Delta has no central idea of what they want to achieve as a party, so it’s only those without sense of direction that can continue to stay with them.


It’s also laughable that they are not bold enough to give out the name of their supposed new leader, rather, this is what they brought to the public, like the Buhari who boast of loot recovery, yet its government goes about looking for money to borrower to finance its budget. According to the APC, “the whole town knows him, even PDP members respect and like him, he’s a son of the soil and a born leader who is true to his words and very straight forward in his dealings with his followers. We look up to him taking over the leadership of Sapele very soon, thank you.” Just imagine, are these serious people?

Let me educate them, politics is local, you cannot be in Lagos or Abuja and then claim to be a political leaders in Delta, who are you leading when even the supposed followers cannot even get access to you; and when you mange to come to Delta, your gate is permanently under locked? The worse form of idiocy is to engage in self deceit and this is what APC in Delta has embraced as form of conciliation, and the virus has also spread to Sapele, if not, no sane man will show off with an invisible leader.

We have stated the facts as it is, and we awaits Sapele APC to bring it on, we are not boasting, we have the men and the resources to deliver Sapele and Delta to the PDP, let APC show us what it got.


I remain Chief Felix Anirah,

The Udu-kpoy of Okpe Kingdom

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